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PCB Solution Customer Reviews

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By Jeff from Canada

I received the PCB yesterday and transferred it to my HDisk - and it worked! Thank you very much for the great customer service you guys provided! Very well recommended!

By Steve from Canada

Just wanted to say thank you very much for cloning my board, happily the drive is working again and i've been able to recover all my data. I've also thrown a post up praising you on a pc build forum i visit so hopefully that spreads the good word.

By Rob from UK

The board arrived a few days ago. I attached it to the hard disk and it started up normally. I’ve been able to retrieve all my files. I’m really pleased – thank you very much!

By Giorgio from Italy

Wonderful!! I received today the cloned board and now my hdd is working again!!! I'm exporting data to a backup disk, it seems to be everything ok! Thanks a lot for your work!

By Les from Canada

I cannot find the right words to express my appreciation of your service and work helping us to recover two drives which contain very critical data. While it was a mistake from a very junior tech, it was at no fault of his but a defective power supply. You have helped him regained confident of himself. I certainly will spread words around within our IT community and recommend your service without hesitation. The experience of dealing with you has been a pleasant one. We managed to clone and extract all the data from the two HDDs with your replacement boards and these damaged disks will be not be used anymore since we do not know to what extend of damage they have.

By David from USA

I just received the cloned PCB today, followed the instructions included with it, and I am very happy to report that my fried HD is now functional once again and all my data (my freelance business accounts) are fully accessible. Many thanks to you and PCB Solution for your excellent service and fine work!

By Mike from USA

Sorry for the delay in getting back but I got the board and.... ......IT WORKED!!!! The drive spun up and the computer recognized it!! I was able to copy all the files to another drive! Some were corrupted but I got most of the data. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help and patience!!

By Francois from Canada

Just wanted to let you know that your solution solved my failed hard drive data. Worked flawlessly the first time I reconnected it and recovered ALL of my data at the first try.

By Jerry from USA

I wanted to let you know that I received the PCB board back over this past weekend...I connected it back to my hard drive...and was able to read the contents again! :-) I then promptly spent several hours retrieving all the data off the hard drive...and now have all my docs/pictures again from that drive... Thanks again for all your help! I really appreciate it!

By Sotiris from Greece

I received the board today and it works! Thank you very much.

By Jake from UK

Just wanted to say I received the board, put everything back together and the hard drive now works. Thank you so much for your help!

By Thanasis from Greece

Thank you so much, for your fast response. we received the board, put it back, and everything worked perfect !!!!

By Griffin from USA

Wanted to let you know I received the board yesterday - installed it on the drive an remarkably it spun right up! I promptly backed it up and will pass on the word to my colleagues who have run into similar problems.

By Juan from Spain

I have changed today the PCB and put disk into external box. I have connected it to the PC and....Tachan!!!! Eureka!!!! I have recovered all my files!!!! I have downloaded from YouTube a video that explains in spanish how to change PCB (I will try to send it to you with this mail) and all is good, my PC read disk as it was an external USB disk and I begin to see my pictures of last fifteen years. Thanks, very, very grateful, not only for money I have saved but I have recovered files that my wife don't was resigned to loose. I would like to know you in person to give you all my thanks. Very recognised and very happy!!!! I don't know what more to write.

By Cliff from UK

The data recovery was successful, the service was good from start to end – good communications on progress, good quality of work, thorough check of board before despatch, good time to return replacement board. So in terms of service all boxes ticked for me, and a pleasure to do business with a very good company.

By Steve from UK

Received the board and worked perfectly to allow us to continue with the data recovery. Very happy. Also got a Samsung that may need the same treatment, be back in touch if that’s the case.

By Riccardo from Italy

I received the board and after mounting back the disk it works perfectly. I recovered all my data and also made an additional copy to an external SSD. Thanks very much guys, really appreciate!

By Petar from Italy

I want to inform you that everything went perfect. Thanks a lot!

By Michael from USA

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My Seagate 7200.11 drive was not seen by my computer and I thought I had lost my work forever. Your USB to Serial drive repair tool worked perfectly! All of my hard work that I forgot to back up has been recovered. I'm so happy. I can't thank you enough!

By Tyler from USA

I got the new board, AND IT WORKS!!! You guys ROCK!!! I don't know what to say. Thank you again.

By Dave from USA

I received the PCB today and installed it using your instructions. I'm happy to tell you the drive booted as it used to and I am backing it up as I write this. Thanks for the council and product!

By Peter from UK

Just to say it worked like a charm. Seagate had tried to tell me this wasn't my problem! Can't thank you enough.

By Jack from USA

Thank you so much for sending my replacement board. The hard drive is working again and I could not be happier. I posted a review for you on Google.

By Kevin from USA

I got the board today and it worked. Thank you for allowing me to recover all of my files from the hard drive. I will be sure to recommend you all to anyone who has hard drive issues, and use you all in the future if I have any other hard drive problems.

By Giulio from Italy

first of all I want to thank you for your great service as I managed to recover all my HDD data! FYI I have just written a very positive review on Trustpilot

By Donivan from USA

Thanks bud! Board arrived today, after a quick search for the right screwdriver I've got it up and running with 0 file lose. Yay!

By Tim from Canada

A brief note to express my thanks for your support and the efficient service provided. The replaced PCB was installed, the drive came up and I was able to successfully retrieve all data. I have already mentioned your service to others. Hope I don't need to address another drive problem in future --but if I do, PCBSolution will be my first port of call.

By Seb from France

I just wanted to thank you for your service. My hard drive was out of order, I ordered a pcb board on your website (without really believing it would work...) and it works ! I could save all he data I thought I had lost

By Ton from Netherlands

I would like to give you some feedback. Your package arrived on wednesday 28th of december 2016. I followed the enclosed instructions, put the board on the drive, disconnected the cables of the pc, placed the drive in the pc, reconnected the cables, and powered up the pc. A quick look in the bios showed that the drive was recognized (brand / model / capacity were as expected). After logging in into windows, windows installed a driver, diskmanagement recognized the drive (capacity en partitioning were as expected). Ran checkdisk: no errors. Compared some files with copies on another drive: they were identical, as expected. So, a big thank you to you and PCBSolution! I wish you a happy newyear and all the best for 2017!

By Michael from USA

The PCB came in today. I used the torx screwdriver to attach it to the hard drive, stuck the hard drive in the docking station, fired up the laptop, and the hard drive works fine. Thank you for solving this problem. I got an estimate from a data recovery service. They said it would take from 6 to 12 hours and $894-$1788 to recover it. I decided it was better to at least try fixing it on my own.

By Jonathan from Australia

Just wanted to say a big thankyou. The pcb I ordered worked like a charm on my hard drive and I have been able to see all my 500 gig of precious family history again. Thank you so much!

By Angel from USA

I installed the new PCB and now my hard drive is working! I thought I loss 4tb of music. About 300k songs!

By Vicente from Spain

I got the purchase and everything was perfect, Im very happy with your services and as I told you Ive told everyone in my Company about your great work. Unfortunately in Spain there are not companies like yours. Thanks again and well be in touch for sure.Thanks again¡¡¡

By Alex from Lebanon


By Tanuj from USA

Today I got my PCB and I replaced in my Hard Drive. It is working Perfectly. Even it is working speedily than before. Thanks a lot, you saved my important data.

By Eric from Netherlands

Just to let you know. It worked very well. Thank you so much.

By David from USA

Received and installed the board today and it works. The drive comes up and all its data is accessible. Many thanks for your services!

By Saeed from Canada

I got the board and connect to my drive. I can see all data. Can I move my data or continue use this as external drive. Thanks for your help.

By Ishtob from USA

The clone board worked perfectly, I was able to do a surface scan and recover all the data from the failing drive. Thanks for your help!

By Raul from Spain

I just received the new pcb, and just try and check it again the hard drive perfectly , thank you very much for everything, perfect service from the first moment, remomendare to everyone who asks me.

By Milt from USA

Received and works! Thanks.

By Katia from Italy

Good morning , thank you for the card , everything works perfectly and I was able to recover the data of my client.

By Chakkrapong from Thailand

I have received the cloned PCB hard drive today. Very exciting, I installed pcb and powered the hard drive. It was able to boot perfectly and data came again. Appreciate for kind cooperation and service. Thanks for your service. I have to say, of course I also distribute my experience with your service already to my friends also. keep doing best service like this forever. I have to say that your company is real.

By Richard from USA

Just a quick note to let you know that my ""damaged"" 4 Tb hard drive has been performing like new for several weeks with the replacement PCB. I learned the hard way that new modular power supply cables can have different pin configurations and can't always be swapped! I will highly recommend your excellent service.

By Sandy from Canada

I just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide. With the replacement PCB, I was able to power up the defective drive, recover all data, and then securely wipe the drive before returning it back to the vendor for a full refund with its original dead PCB. (I actually deleted the old data, reformatted the drive, encrypted the drive, then reformatted and encrypted the drive again – took 6 days in total for this 3TB drive. Very surprised that it held out for that many hours). I would gladly recommend your company to anyone that finds themselves in the same predicament.

By Yoginder from Netherlands

I just placed a review of the service and I wanted to thank you personally for the great service. I was able to make someone very happy with the solution you provided, THANK YOU! :)

By Rami from Israel

The new PCB boards arrived at our company today. Everything works well, all my data is safe !!! Your company just amazes me !!! You give a professional and reliable service… You are the best !!!

By Cees from Netherlands

I have received the board, put it on the hard disk and it all worked well. Thanks for your help on this problem !

By Ardeshir from UK

The PCB solution for HD is unique and saves time and money for many users who face similar problems to mine.

By Leroy from UK

Just to let you know I received the board and everything went well thanks again

By Jacques from Canada

Just a word to say that I received the PCB back from your company and… that was exactly what I needed! I'm actually backing up the defective hard drive (more than 400Gb) and it works flawlessly. Moreover, maybe I'll tell my friend to keep it. It works fine!

By Keith from USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received the WD board and it got the same outstanding results…the drive was recognized and I had access to all my files immediately. The pleasure has been all mine, since I was the lucky one that was able to retain all the data that I thought was lost. You provided me with a quick and affordable solution. I am really glad I discovered your service. I will tell everyone I know about PCB Solution and what a wonderful experience I had.

By Anthony from France

I just wanted to send a short message to let you know that the board arrived last Friday (I'd have said so sooner but have just been caught up with other things) and everything works perfectly! Thank you again for all your help; it really was a pleasure doing business with you.

By Kirk from USA

I was surprised to learn that there was a low-cost alternative to the pricey data recovery options that I've heard about, and even more surprised that it works so well and so simply for me. I opened my old disk drive and saw indications that its power supply was fried, so I bought a cheap disk box with power supply on eBay to see if that would fix it. When it didn't, I did one last internet search for alternatives to throwing it away and found your web site. I didn't see an exact match of my disk's PCB board, but was encouraged by your pay if it works deal. Your service was fast and directions were clear. I'm glad to have my terabyte of photos and data back and accessible again.

By Joe from USA

I just received the board and I am THRILLED. As soon as I put the board back on the the drive it spun up, was recognized, and I can rescue the files for my customer. Great job!

By Peter-Jan from Netherlands

Thank you very much for all the help. I got my boards and they both work fine! I was able to recover all my data. Again, thank you very much!

By Cary from USA

Thanks for your help. It worked. I successfully obtained all the data I needed from the hard drive.

By David from Spain

It Works!!!!!!! My client are very happy!! :))))))))

By Gert from Netherlands

The board arrived this afternoon. I put it in the external enclosure and it works!! I have to admit that my expectations were low, but nevertheless I can now see (retrieve, store elsewhere etc..) all the ""lost"" data on the drive. Probably when I put it (the drive) in the PC again it will work as well and start up Windows XP like it should do. However, I have started a new project, bought a new HDD for the ""old"" PC and I will load LUBUNTU on the drive. See how that works. Have some problems with cables that do not match but this can be fixed. Thank you very much for your contribution and your advise.

By Jean from France

merci pour le retour de la carte mère de mon disque dur. Tout a fonctionné parfaitement et j'ai pu récupérer toutes mes données.

By Stuart from UK

Just to let you know I have received the circuit board and have managed to get the data off of the hard drive. Many thanks to you and your team for all your help and the quick turn around. I will certainly use you again should the need arise (which I hope it doesn't) and I will definitely recommend you to friends.

By James from USA

Thank you for the super fast turn around, new PCB board worked great.. I have spread the word for you through LinkedIn

By Michel from France

J'ai reçu aujourd'hui le matériel commandé, j'ai suivi avec une grande attention la procédure pour récupérer les données de mon disque dur. Tout a parfaitement fonctionné. Toutes les données sont sauvées. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour vos bons conseils et votre matériel excellent. Merci encore. You are the champions.

By Cat from Canada

Thank you for the board, I was able to replace it and to recover all my data from the broken hard drive. Good Job Guys!

By Angel from Spain

Thank you very much for the fast management and the perfect solution for my case that has totally been ¡¡ OK !!. Have recovered the information existing in the 2 TB HDD., Fantastic solution given by his team of PCB Solution. Convey my congratulations to all the team of the company from Spain... Will bring my good experience coming to PCB Solution, through the technical forum of HDD hard drives, where doubts and solutions contribute.

By Martin from USA

The board fixed the drive. I was able to get all my wife's info on to another external drive without any problems. My wife says God bless you!

By Giovanni from Italy

Great job: the new board is perfect and all the data of my client/friend were recovered. I want to add that I really appreciated your professional approach: my contacts will send you their boards if they will have HW troubles!

By Fredrick from USA

Board worked great. You are the man. I will be back. Sooner than you think. Is that ok? Thank you so very much!

By Oscar from Spain

I received the board and after suffering a little bit ;) I was able to recover mostly the 80% of the information on the hard-drive, it wasn't only a mainboard problem, but at least I was able to save most of the information :)

By Jerry from Greece

Just wanted to let you know that the board worked! Thank you so much!!

By Celini from Canada

I received the new PCB board Wednesday afternoon. I just installed it and I would like you to know, it's working like a charm ... I now have access to my 2 partitions and I'm restoring my data as we speak. You cannot imagine how happy I am.For the time being, I would like to warmly thank you for all your help and guidance you provided during this adventure and how I'm impressed by your world class service.

By Jerry from USA

I received the board on Friday and 10 minutes later I had my drive running. Soon I will be purchasing a board for the 2nd drive which was damaged in the same incident. Thank you for sending the 3 screws that I asked for in addition to the board. I also wanted to thank you for the top notch customer service through every step of the process. I’m not a social media guy or I would be all over Twitter and Facebook recommending your service, but I’ve already told quite a few people about your company and my experience. Thankfully my results were good, but my recommendation would have been the same even if the drive failed. Kudos to you and PCB. You did a great job start to finish.

By Malcolm from USA

Received updated board and although my computer didn't boot on the first try... I decided to power it up one last time and ""Windows loaded"". Was able to get the last 10% of files that weren't backed up offsite. I'll make sure that I've retrieved everything before I shut down as I don't trust it to start again. Disks seem fine so the platters were good. Anyway, thanks for your help in retrieving the last bit of data. Great service!

By Juan from USA

Ok when i was installing the new board i just use 3 screws because i lost the other 2 screws from my HD,but i have another hard drive that i don’t use anymore and i removed all 5 screws and i installed to the new board,and guess what the HD is working YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH thank thank you

By Scott from Taiwan

I received PCB board yesterday and it can work very well now. Thank you very much

By Paul from USA

I wanted to let you know that the replacement board worked wonderfully. The drive was entirely unharmed by the surge that took out that controller board. Your service was fast (considering the ""slow-boat from china"" method I used to get it to you), and a very speedy return too! You'll be getting my business for this type of need in the future, and my recommendation to ANYONE with an HDD controller issue.

By David from USA

Guess what? After the PCB change my malfunctioning, clicking hard drive fired up correctly the first time I put power to it and I managed to download my data onto an SSD which I had ready for the purpose. Thanks so much indeed for your high level of responsiveness and efficiency; you have a good business model. Also, the PCB change procedure being a gamble, you did well not to build a prospective customer's hopes up too much. Better to have a client pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

By Sean from USA

Just letting you know I received the pcb in good condition and HDD is now functional! Super kudos to you guys

By Dan from USA

Got my new board in the mail today..... and it WORKED!! 😂 I want to thank you personally for your prompt responses and overall excellent customer service. I will be sure to tell my clients about PCB Solution in the case of a failed drive.

By Stathopoulos from Greece

Good Morning From Greece, i receive today my circuit board , and it's WORKING... you are an amazing crew.

By Michael from USA

Man you guys are awesome. The firmware clone worked great. I am the happiest person ever now. I was so closed to just throwing the disk away. What if I dont have a facebook account, is thier anywhere else I can post how happy I am with your service. I can tell you I was very sceptical about shipping this part from the US to Canada the way scams are now but not anymore. You guys saved me hundreds of dollars. maybe thousands

By John from USA

All I can say is OUTSTANDING! I actually received the board Friday. I did not locate a place on the site to post. I was 98% sure the pcb was the only problem and couldn't find anything like you offer anywhere else. From quick replies to email questions to the astoundingly quick turnaround...all I can say is I am impressed and thank you! The board works flawlessly. You all are truly professionals.

By Frank from USA

Just got my board back in the mail moments ago...put it together...swapped it in a NEW enclosure and it's spinning up, hooray! :-) THANK YOU so much for the idea of trying a new enclosure! And thank you for the professional packaging, really impressed! You guys rock, CANADA rocks!

By Pieter from Belgium

Thank you very much guys You did a marvelous job Both disks are working again (Hitachi and Seagate) after they have been dead for a while Nice packing and fast delivery AAA+++

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