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PCB Solution Customer Reviews - P 4

By Tim from USA - 3, 2015

The customer support helped with all the necessary steps for mailing and billing, and their replies back were helpful, understanding, courteous. Even the packaging when I received my new PCB was brilliantly protected from damage. I can tell from the small details that they payed attention to, the standard for quality at this place is high. Needless to say, my HDD is working perfectly.

By Janileh from Canada - 3, 2015

Such great communication, fast response to emails, informative, and quick shipment. (and the PCB board works great)

By Jody from USA - 3, 2015

just wanted to let you know that the new board worked beautifully. Thank you so much for the quick, efficient, friendly service at a terrific price. I would highly recommend your company and please feel free to pass along/publish my comments. Again, thank you!

By Daniele from Italy - 3, 2015

I've received the board Yesterday and now my HD works fine!!! Thank you for your good work!!! As soon as possible I'm going to spread the word where I can on the web but even in the small assistance shop near me who was not sure of the final result. Thank you again.

By David from United Kingdom - 3, 2015

My Brotherís laptop hard drive stopped working after a liquid spill. I was confident that the mechanical part of the hard drive would still be OK so I sought the services of PCB Solutions and purchased a replacement PCB via their website. I was initially concerned to be sending a vital part of the hard drive overseas so I used a tracked service to send my dead PCB. On arrival at PCB Solutions a copy of the ROM data was taken so that future clones could be made if necessary. The round trip for the PCB was really fast. I connected the replacement PCB to the hard drive and it worked! Data that is not backed up becomes really important once you donít have access to it anymore. I highly recommend the services of PCB Solutions and would use them again in the future.

By Syed from USA - 3, 2015

Thanks for the great service! The cloned drive works perfectly. All of our critical data is now safe.

By Darin from USA - 3, 2015

The new board was received today and the data recovery worked! Thank you.

By Sandra from USA - 3, 2015

These folks are WONDERFUL. I had a real tragedy: I do taxes and ALL my data files were inaccessible on a failed, clicking, hard drive. I researched and found PCB solutions and they provide the WONDERFUL service of cloning your hard drive's mother board so that you can carefully reinstall it on the broken drive and PRAY that the clicking was because of a fried hard drive mother WAS and now I have access to my life's blood files again BECAUSE of PCB competence---HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I am a DELIGHTES customer and I plan to keep their info. I paid online---extremely reasonable considering---fed ex'd the old board, they got it and copied the chip and all to a new donor board in one (1) day and I paid $20 to have it overnighted back to me...six (6) days total...counting Sat & Sun...I am eternally grateful to these folks and will be glad to recommend their honesty and competency to anyone.

By Ondrej from Czech Republic - 3, 2015

my hard drive was repaired!!!! Iíve my data back! Thank you very much for your help!

By James from Canada - 3, 2015

Everything is working well! Thanks so much - I was quoted over 800.00 to fix this drive and you guys did it in a day for 50 bucks.

By Reggie from Netherlands - 3, 2015

I received the board on the 13th of march and it worked perfectly. Thx!

By Louis from USA - 3, 2015

You saved me. My hard drive is working again. Thanks so much you guys are pretty awesome. Wish i wouldve known about you guys 2 years ago. I had 3.4 tb full on my hard drive. J was able to recover all of it. Actually im still using my hard drive. Works just as a new one. I thought when i fried it that it fried drive too. Thanks so much. I will let anyone that needs circuit boards to xall you guys. U saved me $1600. Thats what these recovery thieves wanted to recover my data. Have a good weekend. Thanks again

By Mike from Canada - 3, 2015

I finally had a chance to try the new pcb with a SATA to USB adapter and was able to successfully recover my lost files! The biggest thing I almost lost was a bunch of scanned family photos that I was compiling for my mom. Now I can complete our album project Thanks again!

By Jan from Austria - 3, 2015

Finally received my PCB. Your MatchMaker gave me a perfect match!! Worked like a charm, even without firmware transfer. Great service! Will definitely recommend.

By Michael from USA - 3, 2015

A big thanks to you and your people! The CCA you sent me worked to perfection! I was able to recover almost 2TB of data thanks to your work.

By Patrick from Germany - 3, 2015

The PCB arrived me yesterday in the afternoon. I Connect the PCB to the old HDD and all data could be restored! Thank you very much for your easy & good transaction. I will definitely send another broken PCB to you if need be!

By Christian from France - 2, 2015

I just received and installed the new board. Thankfully, my Hard disk is up and running just like the good old days.

By Steven from Canada - 2, 2015

I received the new circuit board for my hard drive today, I installed the board on the drive, installed the drive and the PC and it booted up perfectly! Everyone I talked to said the board was dead, and it would cost thousands of dollars for a clean room to save the data. You proved them all wrong! Thank you so much! What a great service.

By Russell from USA - 2, 2015

I received the pcb back last night and fired it up, all good. Thank you

By David from USA - 2, 2015

The drive is up and running! All is good. Thanks for your help. Great customer service and quick turnaround time.

By Peter from Australia - 2, 2015

I have received the donor hdd pcb and would like to say that the recovery has been a 100% success.I managed to get back 407gb of data for some people and they are extremely happy.Many thanks for your great work.

By Adrian from USA - 2, 2015

MY drive running AGAIN !!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH !! I can SLEEP AGAIN!

By Luc from France - 2, 2015

I have received the electronic board on February 4th. I reassembled the hard drive, connected it to my computer and then I was able to get all my data ! I want to thank you for the quality of your work. You can count on me to recommend your company.

By David from USA - 2, 2015

I received my circuit panel and I'm happy to say that it helped me with my hard drive issue.

By Francis from United Kingdom - 2, 2015

A great big thanks for your assistance with my hard drive and providing a new PCB. I manage to recover 100% of my data and the drive still works. Amazing job!!!

By Joseph from France - 2, 2015

Just to let you know that I have managed to recover all datas. Thank you very much for your valuable help ! I wish all the best to you and company and hope to do business with you again soon.

By Yohan from France - 1, 2015

I received the PCB and I am happy to inform you that my problem has been solved! Happy new year!

By Kai from Germany - 1, 2015

the board is here and so is the DATAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works!!!!!!!!!!!! yippieeeeeeeeyeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You helped me sooo much!!!!!!!!!

By Daniel from USA - 1, 2015

Just emailing you to say the PCB i got works great and every thing work out and i know a few People that i will referring to you that have the same problem i did

By Monte from USA - 1, 2015

We got in the board and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

By Scott from USA - 1, 2015

Received the board today and everything works great. Thanks for the assistance.

By Mike from USA - 1, 2015

Great news - it worked! All my previous documents are recovered and fully backed-up. Thank you very much for your help. Your company is a life saver!

By Marcelin from Belgium - 1, 2015

Thanks a lot, you guys did a great job, just received the circuit board today, installed it, my hard drive is as good as new, all my data were there too. Fantastic Thanx again guys

By Royce from USA - 1, 2015

I received the new board and my old one Friday. This is just a quick note to say ĎThanks!í, big time. It worked and I was able to recover all my data. I had been given an estimate of $25 per megabyte from a local place, so you can imagine how good it felt to find out about your service. At $25 / MB it would have been impossible for me to do it. The drive had about 1.7TB of data on it. So, thanks again for the great service and good communication.

By Johnson from India - 1, 2015

I got the PCB finally today. And it was rally worth the wait actually. My hard disk started working again and there was no loss of data either.

By Martin from USA - 1, 2015

I Just want to give you an update that your process worked. I was able to retrieve data from the failed drive based on the solution and assistance you offered. I will not hesitate to utilize your services in the future, as well as pass it on to others that I think could benefit from it.

By Joao from Portugal - 1, 2015

Just to say that the data recovery went well. The renewed PCB worked fine!

By Eugenio from Italy - 1, 2015

I received the controller it was fine, the hardisk is anything ok. I was able to recover all my files. I hope to do business with you in the future, your customer care is excellent, thanks.

By David from USA - 1, 2015

I just received the PCB back and installed it. The harddrive I thought was toast, WORKS GREAT AGAIN. If I have this sort of problem again, I will use your services. You have saved me both dollars and piece of mind. Thank you very much.

By Stefan from Germany - 1, 2015

I rebuilt the hdd-board to the harddisk - and it is functioning. Great, thank you very much. You folks are very recommendable.

By Jake from USA - 1, 2015

I just wanted to thank you and your company for the services that you have provided me. I also wanted to update you with my particular case. I received the PCB last week, and re-installed it to my hard drive. I tested the drive before re-installing it in my NAS. The drive immediately started to spin and was detected by disk management! I then verified that the PSU on the original NAS was faulty so I moved the OS to a different system and attached the recovered drive. The new NAS detected the drive with no problems, and I am currently recovering the data to another drive! I am very satisfied with the services you have provided. I will recommend your services to anyone that may have a similar case as mine.

By Lawrence from United Kingdom - 12, 2014

I finally got round to setting up my desktop and plugging in the old drive with the new pcb and firmware. I've waited for almost 5 years to get this thing working, and it finally does! I'm transferring data off it as I type this - can't believe all my old university work is there, forgotten photos, my mp3 collection - amazing! Thanks so much for all the help you've provided - your service is second to none.

By Doug from USA - 12, 2014

Great news! I installed the new board today, and the drive came up like a charm. Looks like my data is OK, so it's copying over to a new machine now. Thanks for your help!!!

By Luca from Italy - 12, 2014

the new board arrived and it work perfectly! I have recovered all my files :) thank you so much :)

By Matthew from Singapore - 12, 2014

I cant believe my hdd is now alive n kicking! Thank you so much for making this recovery possible. The 1000s of family photos inside meant alot to me. I am forever grateful for all the help rendered by you and company.

By John from United Kingdom - 12, 2014

The replacement PCB arrived sooner than expected in good secure package including clear and easy to understand notes/directions - the torx driver included was also very handy. The PCB board worked perfectly allowing me to recover all my data from the drive. Well done all of you for providing an excellent service.

By Pierre from France - 12, 2014

Thanks! I received the board today and was finally able to mount the disk. Now ddrescue is doing the rest!

By Igor from Italy - 12, 2014

It work! Thank you so much!

By Didier from France - 12, 2014

I received it yesterday. All datas are recovered !! Thanks for all

By JN from United Kingdom - 12, 2014

Brilliant - friendly, professional and great value service. As far as I know the service - providing a board matched to the specific type of the faield board and transferring the BIOS - is unique. In many cases of disk failure this will get the drive going again and is certainly a lot cheaper than going to a data recovery service. Of course there are no guarantees - the board might not be the only part of the disk with a problem - but it certainly worked for me. Highly recommended.

By Oliver from Germany - 12, 2014

a few days ago, I have got my PCB board back. To be honest, I had only small hope that a repair is possible. But now I am happy to report the board is working like new- no problem to get access to my missed datas at all. I want to thank you for the great job you've done. Sorry for my poor english, Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Gross-Gerau/Germany

By Dave from Canada - 12, 2014

Excellent communication, great service, fast turnaround. Provided new PCB board with flash transfer and thus I was able to recover my data and resurrect the external drive.

By Ian from United Kingdom - 12, 2014

Guys!!! Just want to say a very special thank you to you all. Plugged the drive back in and it's back working, that's incredible! I'm just copying the data over to a new clean drive and backing it up. You have saved me over $2000 quoted from our local recovery guys!!

By Nick from Canada - 11, 2014

Received pcb today. Installed and works fine.

By Nathan from Australia - 11, 2014

Iíd just like to say, the pcb transfer was perfect Ė I installed the PCB on the drive this afternoon and have gotten 100% of the data back from that drive. I am amazed :D

By Nico from Belgium - 11, 2014

I just want to give you a small update, and also express my gratitude. The PCB you shipped me worked perfectly. It also matched the detailed description I gave, because the picture on the site had some different chips than the PCB I had. On the PCB I received all the chips matched perfectly. Thank you for that level of attention. In fact the only difference between the original PCB and the replacement was a D instead of an E on the sticker. The ROM transfer went smoothly, and after installing the PCB my drive was alive again. 5 years of un-backupped personal data saved! Probably one of the best $50 I ever spend. I would also like to congratulate you on the packaging. It was an astonishing and beautiful professionalism. Best regards from a very satisfied customer

By Doug from Canada - 11, 2014

I received the PCB last week but only had the opportunity yesterday to perform a test. Using a SATA to USB 2.0 transfer cable I was able to read the HDD with the new PCB. My wife and I are extremely happy with the service you provided. I will recommend your service to several computer stores in my area. If I experience problems with recovering data from a hard drive again I would definitely contact you.

By Markus from Germany - 11, 2014

my Board arrived yesterday. Youīve made a great job. HDD works perfectly!!!!!!!! Thank you very very much for the great work!!!! I am very happy about it! Best Regards again from Germany !

By Carlos from USA - 11, 2014

Thanks fro a super professional service, my hard drives are working again I can honestly say that you save my life, I recover my data Rating A++++++++++++

By Sumeda from Australia - 11, 2014

I am Sumeda and received PCB (circuit board) and I got back my hard drive live. It works as it was and all data is safe. Very happy about that.Thank you mate so much. See you again later.

By Larry from USA - 11, 2014

THANKS, for the Circuit Board for the Maxtor Drive. I got it in the mail today and have the drive back up and running. Once again THANKS.

By Alan from USA - 11, 2014

I purchased this PCB to revive a 500 gig hard drive and it worked. No lost information or programs. Best service. It costs a bit to send to Canada but the return postage if free. I am so happy with the quick turn around. Well worth the cost if you know you lost your power on the drive and not from something else.

By Michael from Canada - 11, 2014

Just wanted to let you know I received your package today and I put everything back together and it works great. All my data is recoverable.

By Matt from USA - 11, 2014

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I really appreciate you doing what you do! Both boards worked flawlessly and both (3tb) drives recovered. Fantastic Thank you again!

By JB from France - 11, 2014

I received the boards. It works, and i recoverate the data of my daughter. Thank you for your professionnalism and patience. Greetings from Paris

By Richard from USA - 11, 2014

Due to a lack of time, I rarely write back to vendors with compliments. However, this is a special case for a very special company. Here's a little background of my issue and how you saved my rear: Back in October 2013, I had a secondary backup drive fail. It was a 2TB Seagate Green. The power supply on an external enclosure failed and next thing I knew, I could smell smoke. It was no big deal since the primary backup was in a different enclosure and in great shape. So, I replaced the secondary, used Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) and everything was fine. I put the damaged drive in a drawer and was planning to physically destroy it later. Fast forward to late October 2014. I had just upgraded my version of CCC and made a few adjustments to my backup tasks. What I didn't realize is that I had made a mistake on the settings and ended up completely wiping both the primary and secondary backup drives. I have the tasked set for late at night and didn't notice it until two days later. Yeah, that's definitely an "oh $hit moment"! I tried a number of recovery software packages with basically no success. In fact, one company was a total "bait and switch" where their demo version showed a bunch of files ready for recovery but the full version only recovered unusable junk. The info that was lost included my entire iTunes library, a huge photo library starting with scans from when I was a kid (irreplaceable), tons of documents, and other impossible to replace materials. This was becoming a complete disaster and I did lose sleep over it. Then, a light went on and I thought "I wonder if there's a way to fix that old burned up drive?" So, I Googled that question and your video came up on YouTube showing the PCB repair. Prior to this, I didn't even know you could remove that board. I removed the board, took a close look and realized that a diode was definitely showing evidence of burning. Since those are sacrificial, I figured that drive itself was probably fine. The information on your website led me to believe that this was something worth trying. So, I followed the instructions on the site and sent in my old PCB. I even paid for the overnight service because I was losing so much sleep. The board arrived yesterday and I reinstalled it on the drive, put the drive in a trusted firewire enclosure, connected it, and powered it up. It showed up like nothing had happened. I quickly started moving the most important files first (just in case the fix didn't last). Well, everything is now moved over and the repaired drive is functioning perfectly. I know I shouldn't trust it as an everyday drive but I have a feeling it's fine. I'm planning on using it as an "oh $hit" drive and leave it in the drawer like last time. Obviously I lost everything added since October 2013 but fortunately, that wasn't much stuff and getting back to old data was so much more important. Your repair was invaluable to me. Based on the gamble of it working or not, your price is perfectly fair. If it was a 100%, every time fix, your price would be way too cheap. I wanted to thank you for your service, and excellent website that made it so easy to submit for the repair. Of course I hope that I never need to do this kind of repair again (my heart probably wouldn't handle it a second time) but it's nice to know that you're out there and I plan to spread the word about you. Truly, I cannot say "thanks" enough!

By Miles from Canada - 11, 2014

Great selection of PCB's. Great prices. Excellent help and customer service. Very quick delivery. Rare exceptional customer service!! Thanks Guys!

By Yiannis from Greece - 11, 2014

THANK YOU!!! It worked! You saved my work! I just installed the pcb and the disk was just like new! You're so great guys. Thank you very much!

By Thomas from France - 11, 2014

you guys are fantastic, my hard drive is working again !!!!!!

By Dimitris from Greece - 11, 2014

Just to let you know that I got and installed the PCB and works beautifully. Thank you very much for your help and I will pass the word to my clients who need HD assistance..

By Majd from USA - 11, 2014

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you guys; I received the boards today, and already mounted one to the target hard drive. To my surprise, the drive booted up normally with all the data intact. So thank you again for providing a service like this.

By Ralf from Germany - 11, 2014

the ordered ware arrived today in perfect condition! Super fast delivery, professionally packed! Many,many thanks! Your Company I can only recommend, you are professionals!

By Ted from Canada - 11, 2014

Received the PCB. Had to do a file repair but am up and running. Getting a full backup ( no losses ). If you guys ever want a highly respected reference in the Toronto area, I'm here for you . WHAT SERVICE!

By Nicky from Belgium - 10, 2014

Everything worked perfectly! Thanks alot for all your and the company's effort.

By Patrick from Germany - 10, 2014

I have just received the pcb today(that was fast) and it worked flawlessly. I hope I never have a board go bad again, but if I do at least I know to send it to PCB Solution. It was worth every penny. Thanks a lot to you and your team.

By Florent from France - 10, 2014

I received the PCB card I ordered at your place.. and... it works!!! My hard drive is now accessible from my laptop. (Now it s time to backup everything...) I don t know yet the damages some files could have suffered from, but in any case, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team!!

I will refer your shop to the friends of mine who will suffer from an hard disk issue.

By Myra from Canada - 10, 2014

It worked. Thank-you so much, we had had 2 Ďexpertsí look at the hard drive and they had said there could be no recovery Iím glad I found you.

By Reinhard from Germany - 10, 2014

Many thanks for that great help. The PCB works fine and i will hope for long. I liked you and give 5 Star for that work.

By France from Croatia - 10, 2014

I received filmware and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for you time.Only a words of praise.Thanks one more time

By Peter from USA - 10, 2014

Just wanted to say that I got the board today, rebooted it up and I am back in business.

Thanks a lot. Seriously, I'll write a testimony for your website if you want, say the word.

By Andrea from Italy - 10, 2014

just to give you an update, your PCB works PERFECTLY! I recovered all my data.

thank you very much.

By Marc from Canada - 10, 2014

I wanted to say thanks you very much for the great work, everything works fine recover all of my data, specially my movies:)

Tks again, I already told many ppl at work of the great jobs you guys did. Will be sure to spread the word online too.

By Etienne from Belgium - 10, 2014

Yesterday I receive the PCB board and today morning I install it on my hard disk. I connect it as external one andÖYES itís work and I have now copy of all my dataís. Thank you very much for very professional service. I will make PUB for you.

By Joop from Netherlands - 10, 2014

It works! Great. Many thanks.

By Tim from Australia - 10, 2014

I received my circuit board yesterday, just wanted to let you know my drive is back up and running and all my data has been restored. Many thanks for the help, i am very grateful.

By Josh from USA - 10, 2014

The part was returned, and worked beautifully!

By Voros from Hungary - 10, 2014

The PCB works perfectly, thank you very much!

By Tom from USA - 10, 2014

Thank you for the unique service. The hard drive is fully functional. You fill a service I have not found before; you will go into my contact list, and I will supply your contact to any techs I encounter that need your service.

Thank you for the quality.

By Mattia from Italy - 10, 2014

the board is arrived and I just remounted it. It works perfectly and I got all my data back. Thank very much, you made my day!!

By Marc from Canada - 10, 2014

Thank you! Your HD Board repair solved my problems! My customer is very happy,

I will use you in the future.

By Raul from Spain - 10, 2014

I have already received the board and works perfectly . Thank you very much for your work.

By Jean-Loup from Belgium - 10, 2014

I installed the board, connected externally and I can read both partitions. Great!!!

Many thanks, this drive is in fact my son's data drive and he had all of his one year old baby's pictures on it .. and no backup drive .

Lesson is fully acquired now!

Again many thanks for helping me give a second life to very valuable data.

By Eddy from France - 09, 2014

i received my PCB today and it work perfectly !

i would say thanks you very much for your job. i'm happy :)

By Antoine from Canada - 09, 2014

In a word: Amazing. They really saved the day. My wife and I are doing volunteer work in Central America - so when my external hard drive that contains all of my archives (massive amounts of photos, documents, music and movies) died without warning I panicked. It seemed that, since there wasn't anyone in a thousand mile radius that could help me, I would need to send the drive to the states for data recovery: which would cost me thousands. I was resolved that All was lost...then I found PCB Solutions. They responded to all of my email inquiries. Shipping was easy - he even selected the appropriate PCB for me upon receiving my dead one. He shipped the board back to a friend of mine, who then carried it down to me. I reattached it, and the drive fired right up - everything was in its right place. I couldn't have been happier. HIGHLY recommended! A++++ customer service. Thanks!

By Thierry from France - 09, 2014

Thanks a lot, it's working perfectly !!!! I'm very happy, you guys are killers :-) I'll tell everyone I know that you are very good!

By Michael from Canada - 09, 2014

This is a great company. Customer server answered all my questions and fast. Very friendly and professional. I got my order quickly, and now my harddrive is working like new. I would highly recommend PCB!! 11/10 :)

By Toby from Canada - 09, 2014

Just a brief note to express my appreciation of the quality and speed of service I got from you and your organization.

Here are the highlights of my experience: As a result of 2 simultaneously failed disks (production & backup) containing business critical data, I had consulted a local computer shop (self-proclaimed specialists) who told me the PCB was probably shot and that nothing could be done. Out of desperation, I searched alternatives on the web and came across your establishment. Some of your competitors had a turn-around of 4 weeks with a price $10 lower than yours. While that may be so, hereís what I will remember: After receiving the boards at your warehouse in BC on a Friday, my drives were operational the following Tuesday in Quebec! And all that for around $100! With constant email exchanges and updates, I feel you were personally responsible for my excellent customer experience.

You have my highest regard and recommendations. Hats off to you! Feel free to spread the word.

By Stephen from USA - 09, 2014

The board worked great. Backed it up, cloned it installed back in computer and it fired right up. Thanks a lot to you and your crew, money well spent

By Daniel from USA - 09, 2014

Got the board in the mail, it works fine.

By Giordano from Italy - 09, 2014

I just received circuit board repared. fantastic job, hard disk normally works, therefore many many thanks to you all and good luck for your commitment and ability.

By Miguel from Spain - 09, 2014

Ok thank you for all!

The board is install And perfect working

By Steve from United Kingdom - 09, 2014

Data successfully recovered, thanks for a great job!

By Tomi from Finland - 09, 2014

The VERY good news is that your method WORKED and I was able to save my files. And I'm extremely satisfied. Thank you.

By Yoav from Israel - 09, 2014

I have just received my new PCB. It works perfectly. Thanks a lot !

By Michael from Germany - 09, 2014

today the fixed board has arrived. After build in,it works fine.

The fixed harddrive was part of a RAID 0 array.

Good work.

By Dan from Canada - 08, 2014

Seriously dealing with you guys has been the easiest and if not the best online experience with a vendor I haven't met in person.

By Denis from Ireland - 08, 2014

Just a note to confirm that the replacement PCB worked perfectly and I am able to access the critical data on the drive again.

Thank you again for your service

By Rich from USA - 08, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that the board arrived safely. I have installed it and the drive is humming along as good as new. Thanks so much.

By Mario from Italy - 08, 2014

good news. I received your shipping on Monday 18th and I recovered all. Itís all OK.

By Tony from United Kingdom - 08, 2014

PCB arrived this morning. I am now 'up and running' !

Many thanks - will recommend your services far & wide

By Stu from United Kingdom - 08, 2014

The card arrived safely. I put the hard drive back in my pc to back up everything, and it worked like a charm. Thank you very much for helping me. I am very impressed.

By Marcos from United Kingdom - 08, 2014

Thanks for all your help and support. I was impressed on how fast I got the replacement card back. I have just tried now and success! It worked this time. I have my precious photos back. I am now in the process of transferring all the data to my new hdd and then I will do a backup. Thanks again for everything. I will write down a review in your website.

By Brian from Chile - 08, 2014

Hi, My name is Brian. and I take this service, is very good, I 100% recommend this service!

By Gregory from France - 08, 2014

Just to say a big thank you, my hard drive is working, you're the king of the pcb :)

By Frank from Germany - 08, 2014

today I got the PCB board back and everything runs well. Thank you, well done!

By Antonio from Brazil - 08, 2014

Bingo..... My HD is working again. Thanks, thanks, thanks ....

By Eduardo from Brazil - 07, 2014

I received the board today, managed to recover all data

By Stephen from USA - 07, 2014

These people are my heroes. I had burns on my PCB following an electrical storm, and now my new PCB functions perfectly. I paid extra for the quick shipping and got it the very next morning that they sent it out.

By Paul from Canada - 07, 2014

I had recently purchase a replacement control board for my hdd, and just installed it today. It works with no issues and my data is still intact, so I would like to thank your company for your assistance. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone with similar issues.

By Ron from United Kingdom - 07, 2014

Many thanks for the quick turn a round, I received the cloned pcb 0n 22/07/2014. Installed onto the hard drive and much to my surprise it worked immediately. All my daughters photos now recovered from the damaged drive, she will be delighted with the result. Having already tried a replacement pcb from a very nearly matched hard drive I was very sceptical of your claims but you have surpassed my expectations. Many, many thanks!

By Antonio from Italy - 07, 2014

PCB is arrived (almost a week ago, actually), and the HD started working again as nothing has ever happened.... :-D Great job.....Thanks a lot...I just wrote a 5 stars review on your Facebook page.... ;-)

By Rick from Canada - 07, 2014

AMAZING!! Thanks you so much. Your new board arrived and following your instructions, the drive fired up right away! I am transferring all the pictures to another drive as I type this. I had all my pictures of my two dogs who recently passed away on there and I would have been heartbroken had I not recovered them. You guys are amazing and I will recommend you highly to everyone facing the same issue. Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on recovery...try PCB Solutions first!!! I have made a donation to the local animal rescue in honour of you and your team. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart!

By Stefan from Germany - 07, 2014

today the board arrived. I immediately replaced the short circuited one with the new board and plugged all the cables in. My PC started and I could access my data. I'm very happy, that I could get my data back without spending hundreds of dollars for professional data recovery. Thank you for that.

By Philippe from France - 07, 2014

My customer just received this morning the PCB. It is the process of recovering data. Everything works perfectly. I will keep your contact information because I do computer troubleshooting. I would not fail to circulate the address of that website. Thank you again.

By Joanne from USA - 07, 2014

Thank you to the PCB Solution team for making it possible to repair my hard drive! Other businesses will charge hundreds of dollars, and may not even solve the problem. I am telling everyone I know about PCB Solution! They know what they are doing!

By Raphael from Canada - 07, 2014

I received the PCB this morning already and it's working perfectly. I'm very happy with the results and the ease by which I was able to find a compatible board. I won't hesitate to do business with you again.

By Roji from United Kingdom - 07, 2014

Thank you . I have received and works perfectly . Thank you

By Brian from USA - 07, 2014

Just a thank you and let you know that my board showed up it works like normal, booted right up, thanks again

By Terence from Germany - 07, 2014

Just a short mail to let you know that the board has arrived and this time all is good. I have managed to recover all my data onto another hard drive. Once again, a big thank you very much for your proffessional service.

By Abramo from Italy - 07, 2014

thank you very much, the problem has been resolved successfully!!! i've found some bad sectors but i have recovered all the data (100%).

Thank you very much again and at the next opportunity!!!

By Reddy from USA - 07, 2014

Instructions were simple. Ordering was easy. It worked great! They saved my data!!! Customer service is excellent.

By Cynthia from USA - 06, 2014

Just got my board. Screwed it on. Fired it up. And I am now transferrrrrrrrrring like a madwoman! Many thanks!

By Viktor from USA - 06, 2014

You guys are the DAMN BOMB!! Harddrive is working again, and got all my data recovered! Time to get a better brand of harddrive so this doesnt happen again lol !

Thanks again!

By Chris from USA - 06, 2014

Good job! Your PCB did the trick.

By Ruksana from United Kingdom - 06, 2014

Just to say a big thank you, the hard drive is working again I have been able to retrieve some priceless photos of my baby.

Thanks once again

By Brian from Ireland - 06, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I received the board on Thursday and fitted it to the drive & it worked a treat.

Thanks a lot

By Rebecca from USA - 06, 2014

I just received the board, got it all put back together and it worked like a charm! Transferring data now.

Thanks much!!

By George from Canada - 06, 2014

Got the board and the drive and it works perfectly! Thank you!!!!

By Tony from France - 06, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the fixed circuit board. It worked perfectly. Awesome Job!!!

By John from USA - 06, 2014

PCB Solutions responded to every question I had in a timely manner and processed my order promptly.

There were no scare tactics used or false information given in an attempt to upsell or get referral kickbacks, unlike another PCB company that I contacted. They provided straight forward responses, even when it meant possibly not getting the sale.

Only item I'd recommend is that if you're shipping from the United States, use another carrier other than UPS to ship to them....their customs fees and paperwork was overkill for a simplistic PCB shipment.

By Charles from USA - 06, 2014

that was money well spent to recover my hard drive,I had a lot of pictures and video of my mother who passed away in 1986 with no way to replace them,but thanks to you I have them all back and backed up on a external hard drive.I also was impressed with the emails you sent letting me know what was going on with my circuit board. once again I would like to say thanks it's not everyday you find a company that takes the time to let the customer know what going on.

By Alexander from United Kingdom - 06, 2014

The HDD PCB has arrived, I have fitted it and it works perfectly.

Many Thanks for your help in sorting it, much appreciated. Excellent Service

By Thierry from Netherlands - 06, 2014

I would like to compliment you all for the really fast work.

Have received the board back last week. Hdd came up like a swift. Really nice work.

When ever I am having another costumer, with a broken board again, i wont even try searching for a replicate, but send it straight to you.

By Eugene from USA - 06, 2014

Got my board today. I installed it and everything worked perfectly! All my data is now accessible. Thank you and your team for the professionalism and service. You guys rock.

By Fred from France - 06, 2014

I just received the PCB and i tried the repaired one ans it works perfectly. I am so happy that I can get back my data !

Thank you so much !

By Rick from USA - 05, 2014

Showed up today and the hard drive is alive again. Thanks for your expertise!

By Stefan from Serbia - 05, 2014

Quality of the wrapping was high-standard. Delivery was fantastic. First-rate service Item good! Would buy from again. Perfecto Mundo!!!!!

By David from Switzerland - 05, 2014

Iíve just received the PCB board and the harddrive is working again! Thanks for this wonderful service!

By Andrew from United Kingdom - 05, 2014

I just have to say that your service is INCREDIBLE! I have honestly never received such good service from a company before. I work in retail and you are doing exactly what I would do face to face from half way around the world. Amazing.

By Javier from Spain - 05, 2014

I am writing to tell you that yesterday came the pcb card and the hard drive worked perfectly as if nothing had happened, you have done the job successfully, I'm happy so many thanks from me and say that you are a very professional and a pleasure to rely on you regardless of distance, good job and congratulations. I wish you the greatest success.

By Mike from United Kingdom - 05, 2014

Just to let you know that I have received the drive board and fitted to the drive. Works a treat, no corruptions or missing data that I've seen. Thank you for the help. It has saved what looks to be 3 years of family memories.

By Nathan from United Kingdom - 05, 2014

I wanted to say a massive thank you for my recent order, I got the board back this week and fired it up and it works great.

I will spread the word through my works network in case my colleagues come across a similar situation.

Once again thank you

By Vlassis from Greece - 05, 2014

The new cloned PCB just arrived a few hours ago, and it works fine with my hard disks! In any case, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT! I will tell to everybody that I know, that your company is a trust company doing a good job.

By Mark from USA - 05, 2014

Received the PCB I ordered from PCB Solution in less than a week. Package included a screwdriver to detach and attach back the PCB from the hard drive as well as a spare 'chip' of some sorts. My hard drive works perfectly fine now after installing the new PCB. Thank you to PCB Solution for a hassle free transaction, a quick delivery, and for making it possible to retrieve valuable data from my hard drive.

By Antonino from Italy - 05, 2014

my order arrived today, i already installed the pcb on my hard disk and it work. Thank you so much for your help.

By Kreso from Croatia - 05, 2014

i want to inform you i have received the PCB Board today and it work very well without problems. Can read all my data on the hard disk. Jupiiii. Thank you a lot.

By Morten from Denmark - 05, 2014

Pcb received, mounted and works fine - great!

By John from Japan - 05, 2014

I love you all!!!!

I almost gave up with my HDD until I found your YouTube video and placed my order.

My order arrived today and I am now copying about 200G of files over to another external hard disk., although I am only after the pictures I took during my trip last autumn. I think it's less than 1G but it's a priceless piece of my trip.

By Rudolf from Croatia - 05, 2014

It has arrived and is doing great. Thank you very much! I am very happy. All the best from Makarska - Croatia !

By Russ from Canada - 05, 2014

The PCB replacement worked perfectly. Saved me a ton compared to having to do data recovery. Couldn't be happier with your service. Very much appreciated.

By Erik from Denmark - 05, 2014

So I have received the board and it works and all the data is saved, thank you very much for your help, I will recommend you all the forums I use, thanks again :)

By Giancarlo from Italy - 05, 2014

Sono giancarlo (gian) da italia, la vostra grande professionalita' nell'assistere il cliente e' unica al mondo grazie ai vostri prodotti ho avuto molte soddisfazioni grande comunicazione col cliente, con voi spendo bene i miei soldi,per gli amici che leggono,consiglio al 100% di fidarsi di pcb solution in assoluto, spedizione molto,molto veloce

By Anonymous from Puerto Rico - 05, 2014

Today I received the board and put it on the HDD and there it was all the pictures and videos of my kids that I thought it was all lost. I can't thank you enough for this. So thank you very much.

By John from USA - 05, 2014

Got the board and was able to recover the disk. Thanks for all your help!

By Alessandro from Luxembourg - 05, 2014

I received the PCB today. The hard drive works perfectly. I recovered all my data and I'm testing it in read/writing. I would like to thank you for your great service.

By Ron from USA - 05, 2014

The cloned PCB arrived yesterday and Iím happy to say everything is GREAT! Itís transferring data off right now. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

By Matt from Canada - 04, 2014

Received the board just now and works great!

Thanks so much for your help!

By Matt from USA - 04, 2014

Thank You! I am a bit of a novice when it comes to computer technology but I identified the right PCB using your identification tool, purchased it, and restored a drive that had 3 years of invaluable photos of my children on it. The original PCB had no visual damage on it so I took a chance at replacing it. In a mere five minutes it was up and running. Thanks again!

By John from USA - 04, 2014

The board you sent me is working perfectly! Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I'll, of course, spread the word.

By Vic from United Kingdom - 04, 2014

Arrived Tuesday and now fitted, working great. Thanks again

By Jonathan from Canada - 04, 2014

I received the PCB and you have here a very happy customer!! I was able to recover all my files! Amazing! Thank you very much for your help!

By Glenn from Australia - 04, 2014

Received the PCB in the post yesterday

Reassembled and booted Ė Recognised !

Transferred all my data back to a new drive

Thank you very much !

By Jean-Philippe from France - 04, 2014

PCB received, and Hardrive saved with all pictures and so on !

By William from United Kingdom - 04, 2014

Delighted to say the PCB board arrived safely and operating without any problems.

I would have no reservations of recommending PCBSolution when/if an occasion arises in the future.

I offer my thanks for your many update emails and help; as I mentioned before I'm impressed.

Best wishes to you and your future.

By Jonte from Sweden - 04, 2014

Loosing 2TB of data, eq. 3 years of photo-labour, could it get more personal? And thatís just how youíre treated at pcb-solutions! Every email is promptly and exhaustively answered and every detail scrutinized so that you wonít end up with a poorly matched board. In my case I had two stone dead external drives (probably due to a faulty external psu) and after some internet searching I landed at the conclusion that it might be fried logic boards. After searching for the model number on the board I had the extreme luck to arrive at pcb-solutions. After this it was pure joy and wow! did I learn a thing or two about the complexity of hard drives!? I was recommended to send over my 2 boards (for firmware transplant) and yesterday after about 2 weeks of waiting (most waiting due to UPS) I got the items back. They were securely packed and they had even slided in one board extra (!) in case of unlike mismatch. Screwed the boards back on the drive and connected to the mac: BOM! there they were ALL my files!!! The dealings with pcb-solutions have been a pure joy and I can only heartedly recommend those guys to anyone having hard drive issues!

By Vladimir from Germany - 04, 2014

Finally yesterday I have received and immediately tried my repaired board... and it WORKS! :) You can imagine my happiness when I heard that motor starts to buzz and that hard drive is being recognized by the system :))))

Again big big big thanks!

By Dixon from USA - 04, 2014

I just want to thank you a BIG very very very very much for your service. I installed the new board and it worked like a charm. I am backing up the data from the hard drive.

Again and sincerely, a BIG THANK YOU to your service offerings, if it wasn't for folks like you, this recovery wouldn't be possible. Thank you once again.

By Carl from United Kingdom - 04, 2014

Board arrived about 1hr ago installed and up and running. Many thanks for this as I had years and years of data programs etc that you have made recoverable in what would have been otherwise lost.

By Alex from France - 03, 2014

You can be happy because I'm, I resurrected today's PCB that works very well and I'm recovered donťnes client. I would not hesitate to re-use PCB solution (see you) if I've a similar showing this case.

By Demetrio from Italy - 03, 2014

The board arrived this morning, I mounted the hdd and it works perfectly. Thank you, you are fantastic! I will make a huge publicity among my friends.

By Jussi from Finland - 03, 2014

Hello! The board arrived today and it works! I've already backed up all my photos and documents to an external HDD. Thank you very much for fast shipping! If I will ever face the same problem with another HDD I will surely buy a PCB from you again :)

By Daniel from USA - 03, 2014

Board worked....was able to retrieve include over 50,000 family photos!!! Should you need or want a reference for your let me know....I will give your company a HIGH recommendation.....once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

By Kevin from United Kingdom - 03, 2014

Just wanted to say thanks very much for enabling me to get my drive up and running again, your replacement PCB board worked a treat

You guys are grrreeeaaat!

By William from USA - 03, 2014

hey just wanted to say thanks for fixing the board again, got it in the mail and it works like new...thanks again

By Tom from USA - 03, 2014

Just have to send this brief review. Received the cloned board today and I am recovering data at the moment - thank you all at PCB Solution! Great company, great communication and a very fast turn-around. I'll be spreading the word - thanks again.

By Ben from USA - 03, 2014

PCB board received, and drive repaired/data recovered. Thanks for the prompt service.

By Franco from Germany - 03, 2014

You have no idea, how happy I am!

I am simply proud of you and the team :-)) Great work boys! All my HDs work now perfectly again! Bavissimo PCB-Solution!!

Thanks a lot for the wonderful service and just-in-time-help with great professional quality and expertise you have rendered to me. I shall be pleased to proclaim your fame all around the world ;-))

By Harri from Finland - 03, 2014

I got chip back and it's working!


By John from Netherlands - 03, 2014

The new PCB board has been arrived today. And, it worked! I could restore more than 40.000 pictures. Great job and again many thanks for your great service.

By James from USA - 03, 2014

I received the board yesterday and installed it this morning, Thank you! Is all I can say! With the board fixed and installed I was able to recover and save over 600 GB of data that otherwise would have been lost! I know if I ever run into this problem again or one of my friends does, I know where I will send them. I will be making a post shortly and I will get back to you with the info. Thanks again! You are truly a life saver.

By Michel from Belgium - 03, 2014

Great, everything is ok and I retrieved about 300 very important wave files, most interviews, that I didn't backup... Bad idea ! Many, many thanks. One or two minutes to replace the board and put the hard disk in an usb bay and... woaw ! it worked immediately and was recognized by Windows as if it was a brand new one :-) I've written about this success to my... more than 6500 Facebook "friends" ! Have a wonderful day and many thanks again and again for your great work

By Richard from Australia - 03, 2014

Received yesterday and it worked!!! Magic and thank you for your great service.

By Joe from USA - 03, 2014

I received the PCB today, installed it and the hdd is working. I plan on backing it up and then wiping the old drive clean before scrapping it out.

Thank you for providing this service. It has saved my data!

By Danilo from Italy - 03, 2014

The piece is intact and arrived this morning with its screwdriver. The H. D. it works perfectly. Thank you for your professionalism.

By Cho from South Korea - 03, 2014

Just received yesterday. It works!!! I have no doubt you are the best!! Thanks a lot !!

By Michelle from USA - 03, 2014

I seriously could cry right now. But they would be tears of joy! I can't believe that my data was recovered from the new boards that you sent me this morning. I was a little skeptical that this cloning process would work but am so relieved that it actually did. I can't begin to thank you enough for your amazing service and correspondence through this whole ordeal.

By Robert from Canada - 03, 2014

Worked great! Installed the circuit board and was able to restore 10 years of personal photos and videos. Would recommend PCB Solution to everyone. Great communication and fast service.

Je recommend PCP Solution pour leur service rapide, polis et efficace.

By Patrick from Belgium - 03, 2014

I received the pcb nicely packed, mounted it to my hard disk, connected to the pc and - S U P E R !! - There was my data again !!

Many thanks for your superb service. You saved my marriage. I already spread the word.

By A. G. from USA - 02, 2014

I tried out the new board and it works perfectly! Thank you so much, you saved my hard drive!! I couldn't be happier!

By Jim from USA - 02, 2014

This is to express my sincere appreciation for your support and the timely responses to my inquiries and to the processing of my order. The board arrived today; I installed the board on the drive; and am able to confirm that the drive works perfectly. Your attention to detail and the logical, clear and concise presentation of the steps to be taken for re-installing the new board resulted in a successful repair (and a very happy owner/user). The drive makes a very clean and quite sound when it spins up; head positioning is quiet to the point of being imperceptible. It would seem the drive should provide many hours of satisfactory operation. However, redundant back up will be practiced, from now on.

By Tony from USA - 02, 2014

Excellent merchant with great customer service. They were very informative through out the whole purchase experience. I would highly recommend these guys. Thanks to these guys I was able to replace the broken pcb board and my HDD is now working again like new! Thank you.

By Rob from USA - 02, 2014

Got the PCB back and hooked the drive up. Worked like a charm. Just finished a deep partition scan of the drive, and luckily for the owner: the dataís still in tact. Come to think of it, the PCB failing was blessing in disguise, as it prevented the owner from writing to the drive before I could recover her data. :P

By Harry from United Kingdom - 02, 2014

Thanks a million recovered 250gbits of data.

By Joel from USA - 02, 2014

So my friends drive went down - no power to it. I placed it in my nice computer and it shorted out 3 of my other drives! I did some research and decided to replace the boards on the bottom 2 rungs - they are on a large power chain so I figured something happened when I placed them in. A quick story short- I am back up and running and so is the drive that caused the mess.

The long story: I replaced the boards on the bottom two drives of the chain, using the site below a...nd the chain powered back up! The first drive was no big deal - straight board swap. That actually powered up and the top drives started functioning.

I had to send the board in for the other drive - this took time, but the guys on the other end totally took care of me. They even spotted an error I had made (all the numbers on a late night had me a little frustrated not to mention doing most of my research on a cell phone). They replaced the chip on the board I sent in and sent it back and the drive that caused it all booted up and has data on it.

Thank you PCB!

By Uwe from Sweden - 02, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy i am with your service. From being a toasted harddrive to fully functional in 30sec, in short, you saved me a lot of trouble :-)

By Vito from USA - 02, 2014

I received the replacement board today for my Hitachi hard drive. I installed it and the drive was able to boot up and operate without any issues. Thank You for your help and replacement board.

By Frank from Germany - 02, 2014

the board has arrived today. Have installed to disk and it works fine. Great service! I shurely will come back if neccessary.

By Christian from USA - 02, 2014

I got HDD back and it works, thank you :)

By Christian from Germany - 02, 2014

the cloned board just arrived and what can i say? It works!!! Thank you very much! Full support to your professional ability!

By John from USA - 02, 2014

It worked everything off the old drive.

By Justin from USA - 02, 2014

Thank you. Got it yesterday and my drive is back.

By Roberto from Brazil - 02, 2014

Today, I finally received my circuit board. It worked very well. I will recommend you to all that have problem like mine. Thank you very much and God Bless you all.

By Mauro from Italy - 02, 2014

today I've received the package with the new board. I'm happy to inform you that everything works perfectly, and now I'm able to access to every file without any problem, like with a new hard disk. You have done a perfect work, thank you so much! And the shipping was very fast, too! What can I say more..? I'm really satisfied, and surely I'll tell it to my friends! At the moment I'm not in any forum, but if I'll enter in any forum I'll link your website and I'll inform you!

By James from USA - 02, 2014

Outstanding customer service! My hard drive, dead for two years, contained a lot of important data I had to retrieve. A PCB Solution technician quickly responded back to me to find a board that worked with my hard drive. Shipping from Canada to US was expedient and the replacement worked like a charm. Very satisfied customer!

By Chris from USA - 02, 2014

Thanks so much for your services - the board arrived yesterday and sure enough, the drive fired right up!

By Mario from Netherlands - 02, 2014

PCB thank you everything worked just fine.. greetings from the Netherlands

By Tony from United Kingdom - 02, 2014

The pcb arrived this morning, I've just installed it into the hard drive and works!!!! I was worried that maybe I had also damaged the other pcb that contains the power-supply socket and usb socket. But not the case and everything's fine. I'm absolutely delighted. Enormous thanks for doing it. The fact that you quickly reply to emails and have been so helpful during the process has been brilliant and I'm very grateful for the way that you've looked after me as a customer.

By Omer from USA - 02, 2014

Just got the board back today, plugged the drive in and it worked!!!!

By Shawn from Canada - 02, 2014

Received the controller board today Worked like a charm Another catastrophe averted :)

By Antonio from United Kingdom - 02, 2014

Just thought Iíd let you know that I received the board and my hard drive is now working again! Amazing! I will definitely be spreading the word for you guys.

By Lamarr from USA - 01, 2014

I did want to thank you! Yes, it worked!! My Seagate hard drive fired up right away! Copied all my files to another drive with ease! Are you in need of a sales rep for my area? People need to know about you! The money I saved is ridiculous!

By Priyanshu from India - 01, 2014

When, my 3TB Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001's PCB failed, i was very panicked about my precious and priceless data. I went to many repair places, but no one was knowing able repair, they said you should go to recovery professional. But, i didn't stopped here, i continued to search online about my hdd problem. soon i found that pcb needs to be replaced and BIOS chip must be swapped. Then i found PCB Solution website and purchased exact model pcb as my hdd. I received my pcb within just 4 business day though i choosed cheapest shipping. it was just 3$. I am very thankful to PCB Solution for their excellent service and their PCB. Thanks

By Stephen from Canada - 01, 2014

I received the board yesterday. It worked perfectly, I recovered all of my data! This service is awesome, my local computer repair shop could only tell me that it was a dead hard drive and I was SOL.

By Glen from USA - 01, 2014

Just wanted to say thanks for a great job on the rom swap. After receiving my board I was able to free some stuck heads and recover all of my clients data. Your prices are great and service is prompt. You saved me the time and effort of finding then purchasing the correct board then having to desolder and resolder the chips myself. I will definitely be using your company in the future!!

By Kevin from United Kingdom - 01, 2014

Just wanted to say thanks for your help. Got my PCB yesterday and after swapping boards and keeping my fingers crossed my HD powered up and I was able to get my data off it.

By Svein from Norway - 01, 2014

I just want to let you know that I received the cirquit board today.Installed it and was very happy to see the harddrive working immidiately and all my data was there. Thank you very much for good work.

By Ron from USA - 01, 2014

The data recovery work you guys are awesome thank you I will tell everybody I know that has this problem to head straight to you guys

By Simon from Greece - 01, 2014

Thank you very much for sending me the board, it works perfectly I want to Thank You again for Your help because I had very important files in it.

By Alberto from Spain - 01, 2014

It is the third PCB that cloned for me. Perfect, fast, very professional and reasonably priced. I have in markers on my web browser.

By Matt from Germany - 01, 2014

Received the package today and installed the new board on my hard drive. I'm happy to report that everything worked and I can now recover the photos. There is going to be a very happy friend with this news. I'd like to thank you for all your efforts.

By Gabe from USA - 01, 2014

Just an FYI on why I did this myself. I went to a local data recovery system here in West LA and they did a free diagnosis to figure what it was going to take/cost to fix my hard drive. Turns out they wanted to charge me $900. Thatís right, $900. That isnít a mis-print. So you basically saved me approx.. $850 dollars. Not to mention the fact, I got my source code back.

I know my situation canít apply to everyone and I knew going along that it wasnít 100% that this was going to work, but this was a cheaper solution if it was going to work. And it did.

By Wim from Belgium - 01, 2014

just a heads up I received the board, installed it ...and it works! thanks for the great work! appreciate it!

By Thomas from France - 01, 2014

Finally i put the disks back in their original box and it worked !! it automatically rebuilt the RAID !! I am currently copying all files, normally everything should be ok by tomorrow !! Thanks a lot for your help !!

By Diane from Canada - 01, 2014

Just wanted to let you know I received the second circuit board today and it worked perfectly! This second drive sounded a whole lot healthier than the first so I suspect it sustained less damage (the first had lots of grinding, clicking, and slowing down, but I was still able to get all the data off it too.) All data from both hard drives has now been successfully transferred to a new computer, and safely backed up (and I now have automatic backup software so won't have to do it manually anymore, which was why I slacked off.) Thanks so much. I'm so glad I just happened across the youtube video you had posted while looking for options for data recovery, which gave me the idea to try it, and led me to your website to order. To think of all that was *almost* lost for good, it's a huge relief to have it all back. I appreciate the great customer service too.

By Johel from USA - 01, 2014

After installing the board, my disk is alive and working fine now. I really appreciate all your support. I'm spreading the voice in case any colleague needs help as well.

By Thomas from Germany - 01, 2014

the board arrived today. The drive is back alive. Many thanks!

By Paula from USA - 01, 2014

Just got my PCB back in the mail and held my breath. TOTALLY works! I'm so relieved. Thanks PCB Solution for the quick, friendly service and providing a reasonably priced service (where others might take advantage of/gouge a customer faced with losing ALL their data).

By Richard from USA - 01, 2014

Hi got the PCB in the mail and, It WORKS thanks so much!!

By Oscar from USA - 01, 2014

Finally is working!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad and im sure this is the money bestd invested ever

By Robert from Australia - 01, 2014

Just want to say thank you for recovering all my data ,I am very pleased, and I have mentioned you to others . Iím sure they will use your expertise.

By Eric from France - 01, 2014

I received the new board yesterday. Just a little long for the trip but anyway the goal is reached : IT WORKS !!!

Thousands of thanks from France to you and the team, good job !

By Franz from Germany - 01, 2014

board has come. I have installed and the disk is OK. Thank you, all data I have again, everything geretet. Thank you very much

By Aylon from USA - 01, 2014

Thanks for all your help. Data recovered.

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