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PCB Solution Customer Reviews - P 3

By Sascha from Germany - 12, 2013

I received the pcb 5 minutes ago. works fine. right now i backup the data :-).

thx from germany.

By Gina from USA - 12, 2013

I just can't say enough times how thankful I am that I found PCB. It worked and all data was recovered. I will send links to your site to everyone I know. How do I leave feedback?

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


By Guillaume from France - 12, 2013

thanks a lot for your great job i recovered all my data.

thanks thanks thanks

By Angelo from Italy - 12, 2013

Just received the sytem board and it works , I was able to backup thank you again !

By Matt from USA - 12, 2013

Great job – I received the replacement board today and the drive fired right up. Data Recovery was a success. Where have you been my whole life! Anyways, thanks again. The service you provide is very much needed, so us small guys looking to help our clients out with failed hard drives/data recovery. I hate sending my stuff off to DriveSavers! Take care!

By Keisuke from Japan - 12, 2013

I received the packet yesterday. I checked my HDD, the result was [GOOD!] Your repair is perfect! I brought out the data from HDD. Now my datas is in the cloud.

Thank you!

By Patrice from France - 12, 2013

I got the pcb yesterday My disk drive works perfectly, I recovered my data.

A big thank you!!

By Manuel from Italy - 12, 2013

here all super!!! I ve received the pcb this morning and seems to work pretty well...! :D

Thanks a lot

By Kevin from Australia - 12, 2013

Board arrived today and worked fine

By Marco from Italy - 12, 2013

yesterday I received new board. I mounted it RUN !!!!!! I was able to save all data !!!!

Thanks again and see you soon (I hope not...)

By Jason from USA - 12, 2013

Many thanks for the quick turnaround on this. The board worked perfectly. I plugged it in and the hard drive whirred to life, whereas before it was dead.

You guys are awesome

By Mick from Australia - 12, 2013

Goods News Today had some time to Fix the Drive added your replacement board remounted it back to its original case No go try using a Go Flex Desk and the drive appeared instantly now copying the drive for a backup copy

Thanks to you and your team none of this would be possible all data looks recoverable

Thanks for your help

By Manuel from USA - 12, 2013

I am very grateful for your service, I was able to recover all my information once I thought I could lose but thanks to their services have successfully rescued and my record has been like new.

Thank you very much and God bless you all for your work.

No desire to do more business with you (do not want my discs have problems, hehehe), but I will be forever grateful that they exist and if unfortunately have trouble someday,'ll contact you and do business again.

By Robert from USA - 12, 2013

Wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I couldn't restart the system, but with the boot from cd and going into the dos command box I was able to access the C: drive and save everything onto a passport drive. Thankfully the hd was able to spin. Again Thank you!

By Ross from USA - 12, 2013

So it looks like it worked, I just needed to wait for it to finish starting. Thanks a ton for all your help!

By Hesham from USA - 12, 2013

Well, I just connected the new board and I was able to access the Hard drive immediately. The Drive is working again and all files are Good. Amazing. I wanted to thank you so much for your service and help.

By Nazrin from Sri Lanka - 12, 2013

Thank you very much for your help with the PCB.I bought a circuit board back to recover the data of my millions value data. Just wanted to you to know that it worked perfectly.

By Andy from USA - 12, 2013

Just a note to say this worked perfectly.. both drives are working and the data is accessible again. Thanks for your help.

By Rob from Canada - 12, 2013

Got the PCB back on Monday 23 of December. Connected it to the drive and.........

It works!

Got all the data back and successfully transferred to a new drive! Thanks for all your help!

By Paul from Austria - 12, 2013

you are awesome!!! Thank you so much - got 3tb of my most important data back, because of PCB Sollutions!

By Salim from Canada - 12, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for your job. I tested the new board and could recover all my data. Good job

By Keith from USA - 12, 2013

Thanks again. Got the board back yesterday, slapped it on and it works. Will recommend PCB Solutions for anyone I meet in the same need.

By Ondrej from Czech Republic - 12, 2013

Thanks a lot for everything. My disk is working and data are back... I already put two recommendations on PCB Facebook and I will continue recommending you everywhere. I was REALLY IMPRESSED.

Wishing you great and successful 2014.

By Angela from United Kingdom - 12, 2013

PCB Solution are Hard Drive Circuit Board Professionals. The company is based in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Although I live in the UK, I found that distance was no issue. I can highly recommend this company for your pcb problem. They were very helpful with any queries, offered advice and displayed excellent communication via email throughout the entire process. After fitting the returned ROM chip on a new pcb for an external hard drive, I was able to access all my backed up data on that previously inaccessible hard drive.

By Tom from Australia - 11, 2013

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the board arrived on Friday. after reattaching it to my hard drive, holding my breath and plugging it in, the drive came to life and I can access all the data again. Thanks you so much for your help with this. I cannot express how grateful I am and how much I amin your debt.

By Ken from Canada - 11, 2013

I received the cloned PCB and it works like a charm! Thank you so much. It's my pleasure to spread the words out.

By David from France - 11, 2013

J'ai bien reçut la carte pcb . Ce message pour vous confirmer le parfait fonctionnement. Je vous remerçi beaucoup pour votre bonne communcation. cordialement

By Robert from Germany - 11, 2013

thanks a lot for your great support. I received the board and the data recovery worked. I am really happy about your service in general and your personal support in detail.

Keep up the good work!

By Lem from USA - 11, 2013

Works great. We've saved a perfectly good drive from the landfill…

By Eduard from Spain - 11, 2013

I just replaced the PCB now and it works! Thank you so much for your good service.

By Sylvain from Canada - 11, 2013

just receive the board this morning and put everything like it's supposed to ... and after a few seconds ... i had my hard drive back ... meaning i have my compagny with my documents, and my lie back !!! :oP

thaks again for the help you provided and for not trying to rip us off like Seagate does (charging between 400-1000$) for the same thing, just like if i would have that money hanging around for that !

thanks again and hope to deal with you in the future, but in a less stressful circumstance ! lol

By Francisco from USA - 11, 2013

I bought a circuit board to recover the data of my hd, broken since 04/08/2010.

I were looking for a replacement, trying to get help from a lot of sites, but PCB Solution finally offered me the correct board, and I was able to recover all my data.

The shipment arrived in time, and the items carefully packed. The instruction sheet and the torx screwdriver was a very useful plus.

Really, buy to PCB solution was a great experience!

Thanks for your services, Pals!

By David from USA - 11, 2013

Hooray!!! After switching out cables [again] and moving the power to another rail, and a few more reboots, the hard drive came up to chkdsk utility which was the last thing I had scheduled for that drive. It completed and booted - I have all my data. Thank you guys so very much.

By Kevin from United Kingdom - 11, 2013

I have just received my PCB in the post. It works perfectly. You guys are life savers. As you can imagine, my first job now is to make a BACKUP. Please feel free to add my endorsement to your web site.

By Jon from Canada - 11, 2013

We went 2 for 2 on the boards you fixed. The WD was damaged badly but the replaced mainboard allowed me to eventually get all my data off it. The Seagate worked without any issues. Cause was a nasty PSU failure. Thanks!!

By Aaron from USA - 11, 2013

I ordered a Maxtor board and received it a few days ago, connected it to the hard drive, and it spun right up and I was able to recover everything off of it.

By Jim from USA - 11, 2013

Not only did the PCB replacement work, which I never expected it to actually do,Kevin provided pre and post sale feedback in a very timely manner. Let's face it, when you are trying to save priceless data, any price isn't too much but $40 for the board was reasonable for sure. You should definitely deal with this company and do not hesitate. I was able to save all of my data!!!

By John from USA - 11, 2013

Saved the day, thank you! I was able to recover 20,000 pictures, 10,000 emails, and all the documents for my client.

By Gerald from France - 11, 2013

wonderful !!! my hard drive is ok…

By Johannes from Germany - 11, 2013

Great! You made my day :-) Thank you for your excellent service and support!

By Tom from USA - 11, 2013

Hey - Got the cards back and started with the Hitachi - Just couldn't get it to go. Kept trying and finally the pc recognized it on the bios. I opened it up and found 7237 photos from as far back as 2005. I called my wife up to see and she started crying. Needless to say, this has been a success - and I am happy to tell anyone who will listen. To think the lowest price was 2K to read off of two drives and you guys did it for $40? Awesome - we could never have afforded to get these family photos and you guys made it happen. Thanks. Make that 26000+ photos since 2007!

By Jag from USA - 11, 2013

Thank you so much! I've finally managed to recover all my data. I accidentally dropped the hard drive while recovering some files and it still worked when I plugged it back in.

By Antonio from Spain - 10, 2013

I have been able to recover my datas!!! Thank you very much!

By Hal from USA - 10, 2013

I received the PCB and installed it without difficulty. After I bought a replacement enclosure (which was also fried by the use of the wrong power supply) eveything works great! All of my data is there and nothing was lost or corrupted. I plan to post online about it and will send you a link when I do. Overall I spent $8 for a torx tool, $50 with you and $20 for the enclosure. A huge bargain compared to $1000+ in a clean room. Thanks for your help!

By Stephen from United Kingdom - 10, 2013

I received the board the other day and installed it onto the external drive. It Worked! I have managed to retrieve all my data and have now backed it all up onto a 4Tb Seagate drive. Thanks for your assistance.

By David from USA - 10, 2013

I just wanted to let you know I got the board a couple of days ago and EVERYTHING IS GREAT!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything ! This immediately recovered over a Tb of data that I have been collecting for over 10 years, most of which was irreplaceable. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work, and I will tell everyone I can what a great job you do.

By Aidan from Ireland - 10, 2013

You are a genius. Or your team is. A failed drive (which I was told by 3 separate “experts” was beyond repair) is now up and running. I now have digital photographs of my kids going back to 2004 recovered. Needless to say I am now a convert to the art of backing up files!!!! Thank you very much

By Larrie from USA - 10, 2013

Board arrived today and works well. I have retrieved all of my information. Then ran Malewarebytes from the new computer on the old drive and it found over a dozen Trojans "Ransom ware" and deleted them all. SO I guess the old drive is still usable after I delete the old OS, but will remain in the USB case now as a back up. Thanks again You guys are great!

By Johan from Belgium - 10, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that the newly flashed PCB arrived yesterday. I installed it in my hard drive, mounted that in the external enclosure, and everything worked flawlessly - the drive is fully accessible again and behaves like new :-) So thank you once again for your kind support, and please let me know how I can help you.

By Steve from USA - 10, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for your repair work on my PCB. I would be glad to post this story as it maintains my ability to say that in 35 years of IT work I have never lost any data that I have direct control over for backup and recovery.

This is a bit of the cobblers children story. I should know better and had what I felt was a fairly reliable backup and recovery method for my own data that was what I believed to be economical and secure. However it relied on me doing my part and the one time I skipped it I got bit. The hard disk just failed on a Sunday afternoon. I was able to recover most of the data from other sources that I had backed up the data too following my recovery steps that had always worked before I seemed to be missing some data that I knew may only be on the hard disk. I wanted to know for sure so it became a challenge to recover the data on the disk or the disk. My research led me to your site (after proving that buying the exact same drive and swapping the PCB board did not make the disk work but it would spin up so I was pretty sure the motor/platter was not broken).

I sent you my PCB and PCB Solutions cloned my firmware and sent me a new PCB back. Quick and Easy. I installed the PCB on the hard disk, connected all the cables, closed up the cabinet with confidence that when I pressed the power button I would see a booting system. 3 , 2, 1 push…… “System Disk could not be found” was the message on the screen. Rejected!!! That was my last hope and the disk did nothing. So of course I took the disk out again and starting looking at the PCB that I was sent to see if I could see anything wrong. With my magnifying glasses I found my name printed on the PCB so I was sure I got what was intended to be sent to me. Finding no obvious reason why it should not work I said to myself “let’s give it one more try”. This time I did not go through the trouble of assembling the computer. It is all just laid on the floor in a very unprofessional manner and I decided to use a different power connector from the power supply (on the same line just a different connector).

3, 2, 1 push - OS booting - Excitement and dancing!!! I Connected the network cable and smartly backed up the entire disk (which took 12 hours over 100Mbit). All the data is now in two (3 places because my backup file is on a mirror drive) places and the old disk drive is just spinning its heart out laying on the floor. It is likely that I just did not have the power cable pushed on the connector the first time. I suppose later today I will reassemble the computer but for now I just wanted to say again what a great experience this has been working with PCB Solutions.

By Randy from France - 10, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the great service - you saved my proverbial a$$ bigtime. again many thanks - the disk seems to be acting like its old self - and of course I backed everything up to another disk - whew… again many thanks

By Sam from Australia - 10, 2013

I bought the PCB from you and it worked. Thank you for your advice.

By Kirk from USA - 10, 2013

Just to let you know the "transplant" worked flawlessly. I moved all important info over to another drive. The "dead" drive is still connected and working. I will not use it to store anything however in the event I missed something I will leave it in place. Also want to see if it ever dies again. Thanks again and you can be sure I will spread the word whenever I get the chance.

By Rudy from Canada - 09, 2013

Thanks worked like a charm.

By Chris from USA - 09, 2013

Thank you for helping me save a recover my data. You guys are the best!!!!

By Paul from Switzerland - 09, 2013

the board arrive on friday AND after the installation, it work perfectly. many thanks!! if any of my clients have similar problems i will go for your services!

By Simon from United Kingdom - 09, 2013

Awesome! You know how it is when you stick your neck out, take a risk, pay some money out and it all works out in the end! Thanks very much for your guidance and support! After under an hour of careful dis-assembly, de-soldering, soldering and re-assembly I powered up the hard drive and it started to spin up. The heads chattered, I plugged in the usb connector and there it was! 360GB of data! I've returned it to a very happy lady owner who has been reunited with her personal video clips. What a pleasure!

By Pikkie from South Africa - 09, 2013

I have recieved my Circuit Board, and.... wait for it...... it works!!!!!! Thanks a million, I am a very impressed person.

By Federico from USA - 09, 2013

Its working!! Thx s lot you a genius .God bless u. Went to a place in idaho and they wanted $3.000.00 to get part of my files back .just part. With you .igot the whole thing back to normal thanks again .

By Robert from USA - 09, 2013

got the board installed, works like a charm. i'm very grateful for your service. thanks again.

By Biggio from France - 09, 2013

Works fine, thanks for your job…

By Eric from USA - 09, 2013

I reattached your repaired PC board to my busted drive, and for simplicity sake, stuffed the SATA drive into a USB 3.0 docking port. Worked instantly and perfectly. I unloaded all 1 TB of backed up data in about 6 hours.

I could not be more pleased. Well worth the $50. If I ever run into a similar problem, I'll be back. And if I run across anyone else who might benefit from your services, I'll likewise send them off to the Great White North.

Many thanks for your competence and speed.

By George from USA - 09, 2013

Recieved board. Attached board. Inserted to USB 3 Dock... works great!!! Firmware transfer did the trick. Just recovered about 500GB of photos I thought would cost a lot more to recover. Drive is working fine.

By David from United Kingdom - 09, 2013

I can’t thank you and your company enough for your quality personal service and circuit board replacement. I have recovered ALL data, including so many cherished photographs I thought I had lost, from the external drive without any problem. As a bonus, the package only took 5 days to travel from Canada to my UK address.

By Josef from Italy - 09, 2013

received the PCB today, all data recovered!!!, HD runs again nice and smooth.

By Daniel from Germany - 09, 2013

just wanted to let you know that everything worked perfectly!

Thanks for the great support!

By Kamel from Algeria - 08, 2013

It is just to inform you that i have succesfully recovered the Data from the concerned Hard disk, so, thank you again, I will share my experience with my friends in the ITC.

By Elliott from Belgium - 08, 2013

I received the board yesterday and just put it in now. Everything works! Thanks so much for all your help!!!

If there's some place I can leave a nice comment about your company's service, I'd be glad to do so.

By Robert from USA - 08, 2013

I can't express how thankful I am for sending me the correct board. I was able fire-up my drive and recover tons of data that I though was lost, mainly early pictures and movies of my family.

By Frank from Canada - 08, 2013

These folks do everything right. I couldn't recommend them more highly. I am grateful such a service exists and even more so that it is run so professionally. The customer whose failed drive I just repaired could not be more relieved either. Three years of data easily saved....

By Ronan from USA - 08, 2013

Board received and working, great job, thank you.

By Gigi from Singapore - 08, 2013

just want to let you know, I received both boards, and successfully bring back both HDD to operational. Thank you very much for your help. Really appreciate it.

By Ross from United Kingdom - 08, 2013

Just a quick to mail to say Thanks! - the part arrived today and was fitted in 5 minutes with the provided Torx driver. Connected the drive and it came back up with no problems. The photos I thought I'd lost are now safely backed up. Great service.

By Inna from Israel - 08, 2013

I got the PCB yesterday... The hdd works perfectly :) I can tell you that I got estimated prices to fix this hard disk for about 700$, so your service is definitely unique and cost effective, and I will recommend it if I'll have a chance :)

By Alberto from Spain - 08, 2013

You have just a disk repair (good job, it works!!)

By Marlon from Philippines - 08, 2013

I just want to update you regarding my order, the circuit board for my hard disk. Thank God! I got it last week, I had followed it up to our post office. And its good news, my hard disk now is working properly. Thank you very very much for your help.

By Louis from Canada - 08, 2013

I followed you advice and tried a different enclosure over the weekend: it worked!!!

By Frank from Canada - 08, 2013

This may be a cliche but you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. ;-) Damaged drive was booted about 10 mins after the Purolator guy arrived. I have one copy of the owner's data made to my RAID array already. I won't be plugging it back into its free-agent enclosure until he has a copy in his possession, if at all...;P I won't be able to recommend you folks enough. Thanks very much again!

By Daniel from Australia - 08, 2013

Just wanted to say thanks very much for your help we were able to change the chips to the new board and had access to all the data on the Hard Drive. My friend is very happy and we saved him around 600 bucks

By Michael from USA - 08, 2013

Just a quick email to say I received the pcb back a few days ago and the hard drive is now working again and I am able to get the data off it. hopefully I will not need to use your services again to soon but working in IT I will bear in mind your company and will recommend you if the opportunity arises.

By Wilhelm from Germany - 08, 2013

I have the board meanwhile received and also inserted. It works, as if it would have been built in the hp always. The problem was a defective power supply and on the PCB developed a short-circuit with smoke signal. Many thanks for your help and fast shipment

By Pascal from Germany - 07, 2013

just want to say thank you – the board just arrived, tested it and it all works. No data lost  I will recommend your service!

Thanks again and greetings from Germany

By Dave from USA - 07, 2013

You're the man! This worked great and saved me from having to restart my music and movie collection with is almost 1TB.

By Vismaya from USA - 07, 2013

Thank you so much for providing a solution to my seagate hdd issue. I couldn't have been happier at the moment I attached my cloned pcb board to my hdd, popped it into an external usb housing and turned it on; it WORKED! You guys saved me a lot of time, money and, well, unnecessary frustration.

Thanks again for your help and providing a 'solution' that actually WORKED!

By Norman from Costa Rica - 07, 2013

To inform you that I received the pcb in perfect condition and works great, thank you very much indeed, I am recommending that people with the same problem, infinite thanks and regards, keep it up.

By Ken from USA - 07, 2013

It was hard to find my PCB on their web site but an email solved that asap. These are the nicest folks to deal with and are very helpful and honest. In my case I was able to recover the data though I doubt I'll use the drive. It took several tried to get the drive to let me in then I had permissions problems that would not go away. I was connecting via esata. Tried USB and was able to get the data off the drive where before it wouldn't even spin up.

By Andy from New Zealand - 07, 2013

Can you believe that the PCB already arrived? I paid $11 for postage and it took three weeks, you paid 5 bucks and it took... 3 days? Go Canadian Post!

The hard drive works again. Thank you so very much. I am backing up the data as we speak.

By Rick from USA - 07, 2013

The folks at PCB Solution did an excellent job of helping my find just the right board to solve my problem. They shipped it quickly and it arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. I highly recommend PCB Solution!

By Robert from USA - 07, 2013

Thank you SO much! The boards work fine, and I'm able to read the data and am transferring it now.

By Raymundo from USA - 07, 2013

I received the flashed board yesterday and was able to boot up to the drive.... Thank you so very much!!!

By Steffen from Germany - 07, 2013

Hard Drive works perfectly. Just connected, and running. You are gorgeous. Many thanks again for that fast job and the very friendly contact.

By Andy from USA - 06, 2013

I received the new PBC and put the hard drive back together. It works great and I was able to recover all the data. Thank you so much.

By Kostas from Greece - 06, 2013

Total success. Its working!!! Thank you.

By Aaron from USA - 06, 2013

Just got it, works great, you saved me a big head ache

By Somajith from New Zealand - 06, 2013

Thank you very much. I got the board and I recovered my all necessary files copied to another one.. I had a very good experience with you and I can recommend you to anybody with 100% confidence.

By Christopher from Japan - 06, 2013

The circuit board arrived super fast and thanks to it I was able to recover all my data. Thanks a million for everything and will recommend you guys to my friends if some hard disk trouble comes up. Again thanks for everything.

By Catriona from United Kingdom - 06, 2013


Received the clone board you sent, screwed it into place, connected everything up with my universal adaptor and.... YAY!!!!!

Thank you so much, all my files, loads and loads of old photos, etc all safely recovered and moved elsewhere now. Hard drive itself now looks fine of course, but I won't take any chances with "treasured" stuff in future.

Quotes I had from companies here for diagnosis and recovery were ridiculously high, so I'm delighted.

And finally... I just wanted to say that even if the replacement PCB hadn't solved the problem with my hard drive, I've been really impressed with you guys from start to finish. Your communication and customer service is exceptionally good, and the process of requesting a cloned board (plus the additional guidance on your site) is presented very clearly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Thanks again, hope business booms :)

By Sampo from Finland - 06, 2013

Thank you so much! I came home today and tested the board that arrived with mail and it WORKED! Thank you so much!

By wijaya from Australia - 06, 2013

I have received the PCB today. I have installed the new board and it seems to be working well!

By Ben from USA - 06, 2013

Just wanted to follow up on this.

I was able to get my data back after putting the newly repaired boards back on the drives!

You guys are awesome.

By Brian from USA - 06, 2013

Just to let you know. I received the package yesterday and installed the board this morning and the drive has come back to life. Thanks for the help. This was definitely a better option to try before data recovery specialists!

By Dino from USA - 06, 2013

I burnt out a a 2TB drive using an SATA to USB adapter (You've been warned). I emailed PCB solutions on what had happened and received immediate response that my drive was a good candidate for a new PCB with a firmware transfer. I sent the original PCB as instructed and was updated as soon as it was received. Within a days, the PCB was ready and sent back. The replacement PCB was installed and the 2TB and all the data is now good to go. The customer service from PCB Solution was outstanding. It gave me great confidence and knew they cared for their customer.

By Yasha from USA - 06, 2013

I revieved the board today and assembled my hard drive back together with the new board and everyrhing works!

By Alistair from Australia - 06, 2013

Thank you very much, the board arrived and we got the drive working. So good on ya for that

By Craig from United Kingdom - 06, 2013

Just to say a huge thank you for your work,i have one very happy customer who had hundreds of photographs that i have been able to get back for her [she's a photographer] due to the board repair you carried out.I would not hesitate to use your services again.

By Frank from Brazil - 06, 2013

the motherboard took a while to arrive here in Brazil, but works perfect. I could recover the hard drive and use it again…

By Edgar from Spain - 05, 2013

It worked exactly as you described! Thanks a lot!

I really enjoyed your service: excelent communication, good packaging, cheap courier costs, and very fast. Keep it like this and you'll satisfy much more customers. I will personally recommend you to my friends.

Thank you once more.

By Thierry from Belgium - 05, 2013

My PCB has just arrived. I've connected it to the hard drive and it works. My 430GB data is now available again. I want to thank you very much and I hope to get everything backed up successfully.

By Roberto from Spain - 05, 2013

I am delighted. I have today received the boards, now are installed and both are working perfectly.

By Maxime from Belgium - 05, 2013

I received the PCB two days ago. I have been able to recover and save all my datas !

Thank you very much guys for your work.

By Terry from USA - 05, 2013

Just wanted to you to know that it worked perfectly and my client was delighted to get back her 35gb of pictures and receipts.

By Paul from United Kingdom - 05, 2013

the new PCB works and I've been able to recover the last 8 yrs of photos so I'm well please. Again thank you so much for all your help. I'll certainly spread the word.

By Salvatore from Italy - 05, 2013

Il servizio offerto è davvero ottimo e anche il prezzo considerando i dati molto importanti che sono riuscito a salvare dal mio hard disk che ora è come nuovo. grazie di cuore !!!

By John from United Kingdom - 05, 2013

Received the board today, fitted all back to normal thank you. Very good service.

By Fred from Canada - 04, 2013

Just a quick not. I finally received the PCB board a few days ago and was anxious to open the package and give it a try. After almost 4-5 years of this drive being inaccessible i am glad to say that i was excited to hear the drive not only spin up but also initialize! I am able to get everything off this drive now and am using it as a spare backup. Please feel free to use this entire message or part of it in your review page! I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR SERVICE!!! I would most certainly recommend PCB Board Solution to anyone that i know of having a similar issue!

By Neil from Canada - 04, 2013

This has been one of the best and most rewarding experience,I have had with this company.Fast PCB Drive Firmware Transfer and Data recovery. I will recommend this cheerful company. Thank you for you great service and quick turn around time.

By Mads from Denmark - 04, 2013

Thank you very very much for your help with the PCB board. I've just recieved it and it worked, so I hurried and made a backup of all my pictures.

By Siegfried from Germany - 04, 2013

I got the PCB (the right one!) and I installed it. Then the Hard Drive was detectable soon and I could accessed it. All the data was completely as bevor. Now I can say: The rescue came from Canada! (after a big stress) Many thanks!!!

By James from USA - 04, 2013

Yes, The board worked perfectly...obviously helping a lot. thanks for the great service!

By Erik from USA - 04, 2013

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

My drive is back and works great! I just wanted to send you a thank you and let you know that your solution is awesome. I am going to post everywhere on the net so more people use your service.

i am a musician and have been working on a solo record...and that drive had some important tracks on it that otherwise were lost.. anyway thanks again for your work and excellent customer support too. Best of luck to you and your business.

By Richard from USA - 04, 2013

They performed exactly as advertised. They let me know when they received my old circuit board, and when they shipped me the cloned one.

I received the new circuit board in just a few days. Excellent dealing with them.

By Marco from Italy - 04, 2013


By Helena from Slovenia - 04, 2013

just to inform you that the data recovery was 100%. I am just end users, otside of IT area. I am happy because I was able to recover all my family's pictures and other important data. Now I made also the beck up. The back up disc was bouhgt before I lost data :-).

Thanks for the deal and all the best

By Dave from Australia - 04, 2013

Just wanted to say a big thanks. I found you by accident and ordered replacement board for 300GB Seagate. Board arrived in Australia in under 10 days, installed and drive is back in action with no errors detected.

Again, many thanks for a great service

By Joe from USA - 04, 2013

The board woked great, Drive is up and running like new.

By Mike from USA - 03, 2013

The professionals at PCB Solution were absolutely amazing to deal with. I received personalized assistance in getting a working circuit board for my Seagate hard drive when I couldn't find one anywhere else on the Internet. I actually mailed in my broken one, and they transferred the information onto a new, good matching board. Well worth the money. Highly recommended.

By Timothy from USA - 03, 2013

I purchased 2 board for 2 failed drives. Both are working again. Thanks!!

By Peter from Canada - 03, 2013

it worked.

By Shawn from USA - 03, 2013

Just wanna thank you for your amazing work. My son got his stuff back & hes beyond happy & thankful for you guys being so great. PCB Solutions # 1! Thank You A Million!

By Tony from USA - 03, 2013

If you need a pcb board look no further this is the best place to get one.

By Patrick from USA - 03, 2013

I just received it and it works perfectly thank you for ur professionaly!!

By Sylvio from Germany - 03, 2013

I only need to write i got my Data back.

By Eric from USA - 03, 2013

The pcb arrived today and I am very thankful to be copying the data off of the old drive. It is working just fine.

By Scott from Taiwan - 03, 2013

This is a thank you note to your helps and your company helping me solving my problem. I save my HDD and everything in it are alright!!!

At first when I replaced the new PCB to the old HDD, it did not work, then I remembered your instructions to transplanted the old chip to the new PCB, and then it worked....

Thank you again for your great work, appreciate a lot

By Fatima from USA - 03, 2013

Just wanted to let you know both of my hard drives are working fine now, thank you so much!!!!

By Thomas from Greece - 03, 2013

Before i decided to go ahead with sending my board i got in contact with PCB solution and described via email the problem i had . I received a very response that explained to me the procedure and what my options were give the problem i had.

I decided to go ahead and shipped the board to them from europe where i live. As soon as they received it i got an email telling me that it had arrived and from that moment on , i got continius updates on how things where going . Within a day and a half the procedure had been done and they shipped my board back to me ! Within 5 days i had recieved it with instructions inside on how to proceed from their on .

Even though my problem turned out to be more complicated since not only did the board need changing but the disks heads aswell , if PCB had not repaired/cloned my board i would not be anywhere neer retrieving my data as i am doing now . In my Country i was quoted almost 1000 dollars to have board and heads repaired. Thnx to pcb so far i have only spent around 100 !!

Great service and super fast !!

By Perttu from Finland - 03, 2013

The PCB worked great! Thank you so much, I'll definitely recommend you to all of my friends.

By Kenneth from USA - 03, 2013

Well PCB Solutions totally rocks, every aspect of service was excellent except the part they have no control over the freakin Canada post mail service. It sux I mean bad too. I guess you get what you pay for, but PCB Solutions fixed my hard drive PCB board really quick, and I paid for express delivery on the way back to me got it in two days....Sweet right. I am a deejay so I had like 50,000 songs on my drive and had to get them back, now I back-up everything once or twice a week, I also watched all these stupid videos on you tube on how to diy, one even said put it in the freezer I thought well he's an idiot for sure, also some said it can't be done on a WD drive and this came from a WD employee.....(liar). Also some retard said its gonna cost a couple grand for data recovery I thought to myself (not the kid) so then I saw something that totally made sense buy the same exact HDD and swap the part that's fried cool, problem is in order for it to work ic BIOS data has to be tr ansfered from original PCB to new or donor PCB and this requires soldering which of coarse is not not my thing (enter PCB solutions) please note that these board have to be identical or at very least as close as possible to the original PCB check your numbers please PCB did it all for $50 bucks I only paid an extra $22 bucks on shipping because I had a gig and needed I back quick ok here are my recommendations for shipping usps to them 2-4 weeks cheapest no hidden fees.....then pay for express on the way back to you 2 days tops. This was excellent service very happy with outcome ...thanks PCB solutions.

By David from USA - 03, 2013

Received back the pcb ok. Reassembled the external hdd and didn't power up so took the hdd out the casing and went to plug internally into my desktop pc to discover only one sata power connection which the bootable hdd needed so bought a molex to sata adapter and success! it worked. Music to my ears and software to my brains. The hdd has 18 years of videos, photos and music files. Just wanted to say thank you very much for the service you provide to make this possible!

By Ivan from Australia - 03, 2013

Arrived, put back together and worked.

Same customer has another drive and I rescued that one using the baking method, something I'm sure you DO NOT do at your location :)

By Brock from Canada - 03, 2013

I very much appreciate your ultra-fast turn around time. The drives were fitted with their respective boards and all is in working order again. I will highly recommend your services to anyone that may need them.

Excellent customer contact and service.

By Richard from USA - 03, 2013

The board arrived this afternoon. I've installed it in the drive and connected the drive to my SATA to USB converter. I was SO happy, it came right up as if nothing was wrong.

I am in the process of copying all the data to another drive.

Many thanks for your help. I will be posting comments soon.

By Kai from Germany - 03, 2013

the board and the harddrive works fine! I saved all my datas. Thank you very much!!

By Darren from United Kingdom - 03, 2013

Board arrived today, Installed & Data recovery complete !!

By Richard from USA - 03, 2013

The board worked great!

By Jim from USA - 02, 2013

thank you for all your help. Your service is TOP NOTCH. I received the board today, fitted it on the hard drive, and it worked perfectly. Again, thanks for all of your help.

By Isaac from USA - 02, 2013

It worked!!!!!! The PC board came in the mail today. I attached it to my hard drive and there was life. I was able to access the hard drive and use my data recovery software to recover my files. What a happy feeling. Again, thanks. The small cost was worth, what it would have cost to send it to a data recovery company. I now have a proper backup drive in place to prevent such an occurrence.

By Trevor from United Kingdom - 02, 2013

belated thanks for all your help. I have now been able to recover the data from my hard drive.

By Jozef from Australia - 02, 2013

I have received the PCB and... IT WORKS!!!! Thank you!!! You are a lifesaver! 😊

By Rudy from Belgium - 02, 2013

I recievd te bourd it works perfect thanks im veri happy .

By Steve from Australia - 02, 2013

I have just received the pcb, installed it and it started up first go. I'm now backing up the files.

Thank you very much for your service, it's brilliant. I will pass the word around.

By Davide from Italy - 02, 2013

the board arrived this morning and it works perfectly.

By John from USA - 02, 2013

I am writing to you from my "resurrected" hard drive!!!! I cannot thank you and PCBSolution enough! When, in the process of moving, I decided to clean the dust from the exhaust grate of my Dell E310 with window cleaner spray. I must have introduced moisture onto the face of the circuit board behind the grate, shorting out the board. Unbeknownst to me the circuit board is right behind and below the grate. When the hard drive would not boot up and began clicking I brought the desk top to a local computer repair shop. For $35.00 I was informed that I was screwed and would have to recover my data at a cost of between $600.00 to $1200.00. Frustrated, I surfed the Net from my I- phone and discovered your video. From there, with your help, I identified the appropriate replacement circuit board. Quite frankly I thought I was throwing away another $35.00 on this bet. In fact I was so skeptical I waited several days after the board arrived to install it; not wanting to be disappointed with what I suspected was going to be a failed result. Low and behold, glory be here I am!!! With your advice I immediately backed up everything onto my Lacie drive and have subscribed to Carbonite. I will be replacing this tired but working hard drive very soon! Again, thank you!! This may not work for everyone but for such little money it is an option that everyone should take advantage of before spending the $600.00 just to learn if data can be recovered at all!!

By José from USA - 02, 2013

I want to thank and congratulate you and your group for the excellent service you provide.

In my particular case I received the PCB two nights ago and did the installation to the drive the next morning. The operation in total was a complete success. The PCB worked excellently on the Seagate drive and I did not have any problem to see all the data immediately. I did not feel any strange noise coming from the drive but just in case I “poured” all the data on a new one to avoid future problems.

Once again thank you very much for a very well done job.

By Michel from Spain - 02, 2013

I've received your cloned PCB package today and i have mounted instantly on the hard drive, and..WHAT SURPRISE!!...IT HAS BEGUN TO WORK AGAIN. I HAVE RECOVERED ALL MY DATA DRIVE..!!!! I'm so happy today...!!!. I'm extremely grateful to you. Thank you very, very, very... much for your excellent work and for your invaluable support. I will recommend you to all those who have tried to help me so they know your wonderful work.

By Fausto from USA - 02, 2013

Yes all went great HDD is already backed up and still working

By Rodney from Hong Kong - 02, 2013

Just to let you know that the PCB worked perfectly in bringing my HDD back to life !

Thanks for you speedy assistance AND for including a hex driver with the PCB!

By Henry from Australia - 02, 2013

Faultless and outstanding service. Fast response and clear instructions from start to finish and constant communications. Thanks

By Jose from USA - 01, 2013

Greetings I received the product in good condition and it worked perfectly the hard drive.

By Tom from USA - 01, 2013

Just got my board in the mail, got it screwed back on and powered up using your included instructions. It all worked great, and all my data is there, FANTASTIC!!!

You bet I will pass the word about your service.

By Aitor from Spain - 01, 2013

I have received the pcb card, i have connected it to the hard disk AND........THE HARD DRIVE WORKS VERY WELL!!!! Thank you VERY VERY MUCH, you are a very responsable proffesional. Packet Box have arrived very fast to Spain. I´m very happy because i have recovered thousands of photos and videos of happy last time.

By Paul from United Kingdom - 01, 2013

I received the board today and the drive is working perfectly again.

By Doug from USA - 01, 2013

I received the PCB today, installed it and it works fine. I would like to post a good review on your site but could not find the link to the forums. Thank you for your assistance

By Andre from Brazil - 01, 2013

I have the pleasure to say that my circuit board arrived yesterday and my drive is now working again! I was able to save all the important stuff I was missing, and now it's like my life is good again!

Thank you so much for the help! You really saved my day/year/decade.

By Roger from France - 01, 2013

Excellent service qui peut dépanner effectivement lorsque le circuit électronique d'un disque dur est en panne, alors que les fabricants disent que non seulement que ce n'est pas possible de changer un tel circuit vu leur diversité et qu'ils ont le culot de préciser qu'il ne connaissent pas de fournisseur de ces cartes.

En fait en ce qui me concerne, j'ai bien reçu la carte de mon disque dur, avec une notice de montage et même un tournevis Torx pour installer la carte. Cette carte était parfaitement fonctionnelle, mais en fin de compte malheureusement ce n'était pas à ce niveau que mon disque dur n'allait pas.

Je recommande chaudement PCB Solution.

By Mike from USA - 01, 2013

I received my replacement PCB and it worked perfectly! The drive powered up immediately and I was able to copy all my files to a backup drive. The drive is just like new. Thank you for your excellent service and prompt response to my emails.

By Sridhar from USA - 01, 2013

I have received my PCB board today in a perfectly packed PCB courier box and was able to install it on my HDD. The parcel was neatly packed and made sure the board does not have any damage.

Thank you very much for patiently answering all my questions. Finally I was able to successfully access my data back in HDD. All I got was a professional service and friendly instructions. All the very best for you service. I will definitely recommend the site for PCB related issues to my friends.

By Todd from USA - 01, 2013

The board you sent on the fourth came in today. Works great, just wanted to say thank you. I got all of my data back. Woohoo

By Scott from United Kingdom - 01, 2013

Many thanks for your service. The replacement board worked perfectly and I was able to recover all data.

By Beth from USA - 01, 2013

I purchased a logic board for a Maxtor 60GB drive. My damaged drive contained my entire music library w/ over 45 GB of mp3s. While I had a backup, I was eager to see if I could repair it on my own and recover my data. The product arrived in little over a week and professionally packaged. Everything that was needed to repair the drive was in the box. The instructions were perfectly clear and torx driver was included.

I was able to power up my drive and recover all of my data within 5 minutes of replacing the logic board. I will definitely recommend PCB Solutions to all my friends and family.

By Tony from USA - 01, 2013

Data recovery is successful.

Thanks for providing the quality service.

By John from USA - 01, 2013

I just want to thank you. The new controller card fixed the drive, saving my father hundreds of hours. My encouraging his to back up his data just wasn't enough. This was the best $50 I spent all year.

By Russ from USA - 01, 2013

Just some positive feedback to you directly.

I installed the PCB onto the HDD and used an external power and signal connector to fire up the drive with then a USB connector to the computer.

Everything spun up nicely and I am now transferring the data off to a back-up drive before repackaging the drive back into its external case and use it as I originally have been doing.

Thanks again for your timely response and the service that your company provides. For $50, it was a great bargain than trying some other data extraction method

By Steve from USA - 01, 2013

I'm writing to let you know that the board worked and I was able to pull all of my data off the old drive!

My heart started speed beating from the moment I got the new board to the moment I heard the old drive spin up after I installed the new board! It was an anxious 5 hours of breath holding while the data was being transferred!

Thank you so much for your help from the start. I'll be more than happy to write a review for you, just let me know the sites you want it posted on.

Again thank you thank you! Happy new year to you, your family and the staff at PCB!

By Mark from United Kingdom - 12, 2012

Just a quick email to say I received the card earlier this week, and this afternoon fitted it and it worked an absolute treat.

Hard drive working, data recovered and backed up...happy days

Thank you for you help

By Tim from Germany - 12, 2012

My hard drive works again :)

many thanks

By Malte from Germany - 12, 2012

thanks a lot for your help! It workes like a charm! Thanks again and have a wonderfull Christmas!

By Sutthipong from Thailand - 12, 2012

I've already received a PCB and installed it. It's OK. Thank you very much.

By Gord from Canada - 12, 2012

Fantastic and professional service, I was able to completely recover my hard drive contents in under 1 week from when I sent my damaged PCB to them. As someone who has worked in IT for over 28 years I have worked with a lot of different companies from ranging 1 person to international ones that employ thousands, PCB Solutions was one of the easiest and most efficient ones that I had dealt with. Thanks for the great service

By Karen from Ireland - 12, 2012

I bought this a while ago, and I tried it on my Seagate harddrive and it worked!! I am very thankful and I wanted to post a good review on this (I was very very happy that I could retrieve the info of my HD), and I think the service you provide is very good.

By Seng from Australia - 12, 2012

I would like to say, thank you very much for saving my precious data and my HDD. The new cloned PCB works wonderfully. I will spread the news to everyone of your epically wonderful and nice service (especially how you responded quickly too) :)

Thank you so much for your kindness and wonderful service you have provided me.

By Carroll from USA - 12, 2012

received the board yesterday and remounted onto hard drive and all is well, working fine thanks.

By Roger from Canada - 12, 2012

The overall experience was excellent!!

By Richard from USA - 12, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that the replacement board has repaired my hard drive and as i write this I am watching my old files transferring to my new computer.Thankyou again for your great response to my dillema.You Rock !!

By Andre from Germany - 12, 2012

I got the PCB back Yesterday and it works perfectly! I was able to recover all my data. Great!

Thank you for your help. I'll recommend PCB Solution to all my colleagues.

By Wilburn from USA - 12, 2012

I Received the circuit board yesterday, 10 minutes after I started installing it, I was reading the data on the hard disk.

It worked perfect

Thanks for the excellent service.

By Robert from United Kingdom - 12, 2012

Five star service!

When you are faced with a hard disk that doesn't even spin up, these guys are definitely worth trying.

About the only thing left that you can try is to replace the hard disk's circuit board and PCB Solution easily guided me through the info they needed before they shipped out a replacement board. This board when fitted brought the hard disk back to life. And gave me kudos with my customer.

They are pretty much all that stands between you having to take the following decision, or not:

1. Throw the hard disk away. Or, 2. Potentially spend thousands on a data recovery firm.

If you are at this situation, don't hesitate...

By Amin from Germany - 12, 2012

Ich habe von PCB soulutions einen Firmware transfer für meine Festplatten Platine durchführen lassen. Und ich muss sagen das ich es nicht bereue! Erstmal der Service, der ist vom feinsten! Wenn man Fragen hatte, wurden diese spätestens nach 24 Stunden per Email beantwortet. Ich war anfangs auch ein bisschen skeptisch da es ja nach Kanada geht und es ja auch eine "Mogelfirma" sein kann. Aber nichts der gleichen. Insgesamt hat die ganze Geschichte von der ersten Frage zum Transfer, bis zur neuen Platine nur etwa 2 Wochen gedauert. Und das beste ist, dass die neue Platine prima funktioniert. Ach und die bezahlung ging einfach und schnell über PayPal.

Also Ich kann diese Firma nur weiter empfehlen!!! Ein herzliches dankeschön an PCB soultions.

By Marco from Italy - 11, 2012

I recover my data!!!! I'm very happy...many thanks :D

By Mark from USA - 11, 2012

I greatly apperciate your services. I was able to start data recovery upon getting the circuit board swapped on. I must say myself and client was very pleased.

By Richard from Netherlands - 11, 2012

I just received the board and the drive is working again :O) We’re very thankful and will think of you whenever we’re getting customers with broken harddrive pcb’s !

By Iftene from Cyprus - 11, 2012

thanks a lot man i received the PCB and is working . thaks a lot you are in preferate list and i will leave you a very good feedback

By Nicolas from France - 11, 2012

I'd like to thank you for having sent me the PCB I had have ordered. I had ordered you a PCB at the beginning of September. I don't know why but I have never received it. After having informed you about that, you have sent me another one. I received it 2 weeks ago and I have been able to repair my hard drive.

Thank you, be sure the next time I have this sort of problem or if I know someone who has the same one I will contact you again.

By Larry from Canada - 11, 2012

I just received PCB board and it worked perfectly. I spoke to someone else and they wanted $100 just to look at hard drive plus up to $500 to recover the data.

It took me about 2 minutes to install the board and I was reading the data as soon as I plugged in the drive.

By Ken from United Kingdom - 11, 2012

From Liverpool UK with many thanks.Drive up & running,everything back to normal thanks to your expertise.If in the future you send a new board out & I need to solder the chip on it can you explain what is involved please.I have a hot air soldering station but what solder is used?

By Jay from United Kingdom - 11, 2012

Wow, Just got to say a million thanks, the pcb and drive work great, totally back from the dead!!!

A really great and effecient service.

By John from Viet Nam - 11, 2012

PCB arrived safely today in Thailand. Fitted. Hard disk tested = Bingo. You are the man!!!!! Thanks my mate – recovering all data as we write.

By David from USA - 11, 2012

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the data was successfully recovered :) I will definitely continue to do business with you guys

By Fred from France - 11, 2012

I have received the board this week, and it works perfectly. I was able to recover all my files in the hard drive!

By Clive from France - 11, 2012

It arrived today. It was installed and the drive re-activated and backed up Very impressed - thank you for your products and service

By Mike from USA - 11, 2012

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service with regard to board replacement and firmware transfer. After installing it, I successfully recovered all data!

Thanks again for a job well done and I wish you continued success with this valuable service that you offer.

By Debra from USA - 11, 2012

Came with great installation instructions.

By Giuseppe from Italy - 10, 2012

the PCB has arrived and mounted ...... IT WORKS! my hard drive is reborn! Thank you so much!

By William from USA - 10, 2012

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so very much for your service. Not only was I able to recover all our family photos, that I was literally sick over since they weren't saved anywhere else, but also I was able to do it for a fraction of the $500 to $1,500 estimated at a local electronics store. I can't over emphasize to you how thrilled and relieved I was to see our photos again. I'll be happy to fill out any response to help your company if you just send me a link. Thanks again.

By Fernando from Spain - 10, 2012

I have received the PCB and I have installed on the HDD. I'm very happy because it has worked perfectly. Thank you for the good work

By Rodrigo from Spain - 10, 2012

It works perfectly. you have done a great job. thanks for everything

By Francis from United Kingdom - 10, 2012

I cannot thank you enough! I'm finally home, and I've attached the new board - and everything works, as good as new, with all data recovered. So simple and straightforward, and all thanks to your brilliant solution and service.

If there's anywhere I can publicly spread the word, please let me know - I won't be the last person to plug in the wrong adapter, and there is so much scaremongering and so little clear help out there. You provide the perfect answer, and people need to know. I'll look back through online forums - where I initially found you - and advertise you as much as I can.

Very, very many thanks, and all best wishes

By Johan from USA - 10, 2012

Just want to say...woo hoo! It did work! I am ecstatic! I have full access to all my data. Have made a backup.

I can't thank you and your team enough for the work you do! ;)

By Ernst from Austria - 10, 2012

Data recovery worked fine... ... Thx for the quick transfer and the nice communication!!!!

By Steven from USA - 10, 2012

Received the unit today. Swapped out the PCB's and it worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch!

By Eder from Mexico - 10, 2012

You're awesome guys! Really, you saved my life! Thanks

By Rob from USA - 10, 2012

Received my board this morning, and the drive works perfectly. You saved several years of personal data. Thanks again.

By Faisal from Canada - 10, 2012

I received the boards and installed the replacement. Happy to say that the drive works! I'll let definitely let people know about your services. Thanks again!

By Claes from Sweden - 10, 2012

I have got the Hard Drive Circuit Board. It works perfectly. The partition was RAW but I manage to recover my data and then format the disk.

By Russell from USA - 10, 2012

PCB solutions repaired my Seagate circuit board, saving much needed data and photos that I believed were unretrieveable. Customer service was some of the best I have encountered. They thoroughly explained my options and followed through flawlessly. Russ

By Francisco from Spain - 10, 2012

Excellent service, thank you, the hard working again, I will recommend it to everyone, fast and effective.

By Carlos from USA - 10, 2012

They are good sellers!

By F-J from Germany - 10, 2012

the spare part arrived and our problem is fixed. Thanks a lot !

By Manfred from Germany - 09, 2012

I would like to tell you, that the data recovery was succesful.

Thanks and greetings from germany

By Mike from USA - 09, 2012

Just a little "Thank You" - finally got to it today - replaced the board on the HD - ran great & got all the data I do independent tech support & will refer you to all of my past & future customers - you are awesome!

By Petr from Czech Republic - 09, 2012

I received your PCB today. I was very nervous, when I put repaired HD to PC. Thanks your PCB my HD works again. Jupi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your servis. You save my life. :-)

By Liam from United Kingdom - 09, 2012

Received board at the weekend working great, many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

By Gordon from USA - 09, 2012

I received the PCB today in the mail and installed it on my hard drive. Installed it on my test bench and it works great

By For from United Kingdom - 09, 2012

I got the board today I fitted it and is working perfectly thank you.

By Arif from USA - 09, 2012

I've just received the replacement PCB and just tested it. It works well. Thank you so much

By Ermal from USA - 09, 2012

This is the greatest service when it comes to retaining your data from a burnt hard drive. In my case I had two important hard drives where most of my projects were stored. Guys you saved my back more than you know, I am recommending you to all my friends that run into this kind of problems. Thank you so much, your communication skills are top notch. Keep it up guys, triple AAA for service and even more for the communication. Thank you.

By Mark from USA - 09, 2012

Just want to say everything went well and thanks, Mark L.

By Jason from USA - 09, 2012

I installed the new board just that minute and voila worked perfect!!! This is terrific, Thanks!

By Jose from Spain - 09, 2012

IT WORKED!!!!!! Though at first the computer asked for a formatting, at least it gave it a letter. I used "Reicover My Files" to recover every one and each file (AMAZING!). Also, when I hacve switched the HD to an external SATA BOX it has performed as if nothing bad had ever happened. Great job!!

By Jeff from USA - 09, 2012

Many thanks. IT WORKED! I appreciate the pre-sales help. I will be back again. This problem comes up about once a year.

FYI- one of the three large ICs was labeled differently on the PCB that you sent to me, compared to the original. The large one was, of course, a match. It worked great. Thank you. You saved my customer a bunch of historical data that wasn't worth >$1,000 for a full data recovery service.

By Joe from USA - 09, 2012

Good Morning, I just got my PCB back, my hdd is working perfectly. I was told if my drive was clicking,,replacing the PCB would not help., in this case, not true. thank you for your fine workmanship. I will spread the word.

By Kevin from USA - 09, 2012

You don't even know how much time and money you saved me. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

By Luigi from Italy - 08, 2012

I have just installed the new PCB on my HD and it's all rights.

I have recovered all my files.

By Gareth from United Kingdom - 08, 2012

Many thanks for a brilliant job, received the new board yesterday and it worked brilliantly was able to recover my all my data, so relieved.

By Derek from USA - 08, 2012

Just wanted to let you guys know that it worked beautifully the drive is back from the dead. Great job!

By Franklin from USA - 08, 2012

Thank you very much, I got the board yesterday and installed it. It works and there are no problems at all, like it was never broken. Thank you again, if I ever have a problem like this again I will be sure to count on your services as well as refer your services to others.

By Rob from USA - 08, 2012

I just want to thank you and your company for sending me the card. It worked perfectly on a RAID hard drive that I thought was surely dead. The card probably saved me upwards of $700 in restoration fees and I really appreciate what your company does.

Thanks again for a job well done.

By Eric from USA - 08, 2012

I want to say thank you for your service it's the best. The firmware transfer worked perfectly. Soon as I plugged in my HD it recognized my drive. Kevin, you guys help save a lot of important data for me I can't thank you enough. You and your company are the greatest.

By Lisa from United Kingdom - 08, 2012

you are officially one of my favourite people - got the thing I ordered from you yesterday - and am THRILLED to let you know that everything is back up and running.

I have every single bit of information back and every irreplaceable baby photo.

Thank you so much!!

By Alexandre from Brazil - 08, 2012

thanks for the circuit board, I recovered all the data. You helped me a lot.

By Jan from Germany - 08, 2012

the board works, great shop an many Thanks.

And now I make a backup from my backup :-)

By Javier from Chile - 08, 2012

today I received the pcb, I already replaced, and now I'm recovering information from the damaged disk. now i'm happy thank you very much.

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