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PCB Solution Customer Reviews - P 1

By Ilia from Canada

The board arrived and it is great. It works perfectly.

By Warren from USA

Arrived quick and when I replaced the bad board on my drive with this replacement it spun right up. I got back my backups after suffering 2 hard drive failures that had lost both my original data and the backup!

By Robert from USA

I have a 160GB hard drive that crashed about 4 years ago. I never got rid of it and I recently saw a video on youtube from PCB Solutions. A how-to video showed how to replace the circuit board on a hard drive and how to select the correct circuit board on their website. I got the circuit board about a week after I ordered it and it came with the star shaped screw driver for removing the circuit board. The hard drive works fine now and I've backed up all the data on it. I'm glad I never got rid of it and I'm grateful for that video that showed how simple it was to fix.

By Daniela from Italy

They are very professional, I'm very satisfied of this purchase! I've recovered all my data! It's a pleasure make business with PCB Solution!

By Stephen from USA

Thank you, the drive worked as before. You rock!

By Benigno from Spain

In recent days I have received the PCB and this piece was run back to my hard drive! Thank you very much for the work, you treatment and efficiency

By Marc

Hi, just for let you know that I receive and tested the drive. It's just work great =:0) I’m able to recover my file now. You saved our wedding.

By Andrew from USA

PCB Solution is one of the best companies I've dealt with in a long time. Kevin was always very quick to respond to all of my queries and was very helpful in giving me options on how to proceed. I initially bought one of the prepared boards, but it didn't seem to work with my USB-to-SATA adapter. Unfortunately, it got fried when I discovered that the culprit leading to the untimely demise of my HDD was actually the external drive case. Kevin offered to fix his board for only $20, but unfortunately the board got thrown out with the trash, thinking it was no longer useful. Kevin then recommended I send him the existing board so that he could transfer the firmware to his board, ensuring that it would work with my HDD. He let me know as soon as he received the board, and about an hour later, he emailed me to tell me the transfer was successful. He only charged me for the transfer service, which was the same as the original board. When I got the second board, I initially had trouble getting it to work on my USB-to-SATA adapter, but after unplugging and replugging it to the computer, it came right up. I have a sneaking suspicion that had I done that with the first board, it would have worked, but then I probably would have killed it anyway thinking the external case was good. At any rate, I was able to recover all my data, and it was well worth it even having bought two boards to do so. Kevin's customer service is exceptional, and I can recommend PCB Solutions without any reservations. As I told him in my last email to him, he's the freakin' man!

By Nikolay from Bulgaria

Thank you very much for your letter, I want you to know that I appreciate very much your kindness to me and your professionalism. For me also was a pleasure working with you and again in the future will call, hopefully not damage happens. Of course you can publish all of our correspondence and I will do advertising your skills where possible in web board forums!

By Daniela from Italy

This is a great company, I wrote from Italy and they answer very quickly at each email that I've sent. I received the board and I'm very happy because now the hard disk works and I'm recovering all data :-) Very Very Very Compliments!!

By Alex from U.K.

Just to let you know it is working!! Thank you so much! Will definitely be using you in the future, especially as I work in IT. We also have sites in the USA, so I will recommend you to the tech's over there.

By Daryl from Canada

initially there was an issue with the shipping company I had selected but after communicating this to the customer service department they quickly responded and continued to communicate with me via email till everything was received and I was satisfied. They are reliable and the pcb board worked perfectly as indicated to resolve my problem. I would highly recommend doing business with them and have recently placed another order. Thank you once again!!

By James

The two PCB boards worked like a charm. I'm so glad there exists a service such as PCB Solutions, or else I'd have 2 heavy paperweights. Thanks again!

By Todd from USA

They took a dead PCB from a hard drive and gave me a duplicate. Their ability to do this saved me hundreds in data recovery charges as well as irreplacable files. They will be first on my list to contact whenever I have a hard drive problem. Highly recommended, I can't give them enough praise.

By Jaf

I received the board today. One thing I have to say is ..Thank you Thank you.. You guys are the best. the board you sent me worked on the first try. My Hard Disk spun up with no issues on the first try. I have to say I never thought it would work but I was willing to give your company a try. You guys are the best. Thanks again and I will refer others and I will will use your company for again.

By Nichola from U.K.

Thank you for your email. The board arrived this morning. Thankfully I am recovering my data as I write this email! YEAH!!! But I must have fried the other board because can’t get the hard drive to work in the original external case, I’ve got it connected to the power through my desktop.

By Ryan from USA

Thank you, Card worked perfectly.

By James from USA

Worked Great. As expected. Customer service was very helpful finding the correct board.

By Jean-Claude from France

I received PCBs this morning. I have made data recovery: the operation went very well !!! Thank you very much. This afternoon, I met my computer supplier that I contacted at the failure of my hard drive: I have made the praise the quality of services PCB Solutions! Thank you again.

By Dennis from Denmark

The PCB did the difference, thanks! i will gladly help you in Denmark. And yes, it's third time i tried saving a hard drive but only second times whit success - so the first thing was a backup :)

By Phillip from USA

These guys really, really know their stuff. They were able to transfer the calibration data and firmware off my HDD PCB to a new PCB, and after I attached the new PCB, the hard drive worked fine and I was able to recover all of my data. They're really fast, too. Recommended, for sure! A+

By Darren from U.K.

you guys are amazing - totally saved my bacon. money well spent!

By Sam from USA

I just received the PCB, I ordered last week, for my old Maxtor drive and it worked!!!!! Thank you so much again for such a service. I always thought hard disk was gone once I smell burnt. You proved otherwise and saved me a ton of money on those data recovery services. It was really easy to do as well. I am not really a hardcore hardware guy, but dabble in fixing PCs as needed. I didn't have difficulty finding the right PCB (thanks to your matching software) and replacing it on my hard disk was a breeze. The screwdriver was a nice touch as well. I don't know how many people out there are throwing there hard drives or money thinking it's gone. Until my hard disk got burned, I didn't know your service existed. I am glad I found you though! I would like to see you advertise in more places. I will recommend to my friends and family.

By Daryl from Canada

got the item yesterday and it worked like a charm. I was able to recover the drive. Thank you very much for all your help. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who has a similar issue. I hope that I have no more mishaps with drives but if I do I know where to go.

By Janusz from U.K.

Absolutely perfect! One of the best I ever had to deal with! Quick, helpful and not so expensive. Highly recommended !

By Nick from Australia

I wanted to write to you to say how happy I am with your service. My PCB's arrived yesterday and once installed my hard drives both booted up straight away and work now as normal. My wife is so happy now that all our baby photos have been recovered, she even shed a tear. Thank you so much for helping me get all our photos back, without your help it may never have happened or I would have had to spend thousands getting them recovered. I will post up my success on some forums and recommend you to everyone. I cannot thank you enough.

By Julio from Spain

Dear Sirs. I just have receive the PCB, and it works fine. The other PCB that I bought you before that, works fine also. I´m very happy with your enterprise. The price, the service and the time of shipping are excellent. Now my data is another time alive and OK. Thank you very much. Here, in Spain, the cost of retrieve the data is very expensive, near 8 times. Great job.

By Susan from USA

Great people, answered my questions quickly and helped me find the best solution to my problems. Would definitely buy from them again if I have any future problems.

By Kemitha from Sri Lanka

Just want to let you that i received my PCB and when i put it to my burned hard disk the hd was once again recognized by the computer and able to get my precious data back.. Thank you so much :) :) :)

By Bobby from USA

I'm copying over the data that I thought I had lost, as we speak! And thank you so much for labeling the two drives so neatly and specifically. They work just as if nothing had happened!

By Miguel from Spain

It works! Thank you very much!!!

By Brian from Ireland

Hi i received my new board today. Fitted it connected the drive to the computer and there was all my stuff. I just want to thank you for the great service you have provided to me. I found your service perfect. And i would happily recommend you to anyone that needs a new board.

By Miro from Germany

I´m very happy to share this very good information with you. Last week I receive the new board. Now I can tell you...IT WORKS VERY WELL....I´m so happy! Thank you for your professional service and excellent work.

By Sam from USA

I'm very pleased to report that the controller worked and the hard drive and data is saved! Very glad to have found your service.

By Claudio from USA

I received an honest pre-sale appraisal from PCB Solution. Although I was told that, in my case, swapping circuit boards might not work, I went ahead and made a purchase because the cost vs. alternatives was attractive. The package arrived in good time from Canada to California, but I appreciate their customer service and honesty which is always the single most important quality, for me, in doing online business.

By Raphael from France

I received PCB. It works. Thank you very much. I'll make a positive comments on your site.

By David from U.K.

The replacement board arrived this morning. I'm pleased to report - It Works!! Oh, happy day. My Maxtor 320gB drive lives again. Thank you so much.

By Brian from USA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in this matter. The data was successfully recovered and the hard drive is still working. Very happy customer.

By Donald from Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the great service. I received the cloned board and after installation I was able to recover the files on the drive. Thank you again for the quick turn around and for keeping me informed of the progress. I have already recommended your company to another friend and will do so in the future as need arises.

By Robert from USA

Thank you. I received it today. I put it together and it works fine. Thanks again.

By Iustin from Romania

Very good news! The boards are here and I have managed to recover all my important documents. Thank you very much for your services! PCB solution ROCKS! :)

By Pierre from Canada

Hard drive work on first spin and still working. If you are in a rush, use express shipping, CPost from BC to QC took from monday to friday... if your not in a rush, it's ok. Will recommends the use of this store.

By John from U.K.

Does what it says on the tin with easy instructions and a free tool for installation. Thanks very much.

By Sylvain from France

Just to inform you that my HDD work like a charm with its new PCB

By Ross

Just a quick message to let you know I received the board today, connected it and the drive worked! So I can retrieve my data off it with ease. I am impressed with your service and quick delivery of the board, and once again I thank you for solving my drive problem.

By Mario from USA

I received it today, and I try it ant IT WORKS. I can't express myself how happy I am.

By Ricardo from Spain

The PCB have already arrived and it works fine.

By Michael from USA

The board arrived a couple days ago. Put it back on and the HDD fired right up! I can't thank you enough for your excellent service. You've saved me countless hours of work. I'll be suggesting your services to anyone who will listen.

By Andreas from Germany

Thanks for shipping this new part fast and bring my HDD back to life. Fortunately only the power circuit of old PCB was grilled. :)

By Paul from U.K.

just to let you know i got the board back and put it back together, it works thank you so much, no doubt i will be keeping your email address in case i get others who need the same thing

By Stelios from U.K.

everything went well!!! 100% success. All the data were backed up to another hdd and I will use the ex-defunct disc with not crucial data till it dies (which I think it will never happen)! It works better than before! I m sure that the old board was creating issues to the drive such as delays. Moreover it does not get as hot as it used to! Once again thank you! I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need!

By Damia from Spain

Yessss!!!! Data recovery completed!!!! Thanks a loooot for your heeeelp!!!!! There are Almost 8 years of my life in images on this HD...Best wishes from Mallorca, If you want to come on holyday to spain in summer you're invited to my home, my future wife and me will do our best for you!!!

By Michael from USA

100% awesome and I'll definately be using these folks again. Already past their name off to some friends.

By Ramon from USA

Thanks for your help, we received the board, followed your instructions and were able to retrieve our valuable data.

By Zeki from Turkey

Thanks. You send Hdd controller card arrived today. Worked perfectly.

By Ken from USA

You guys are great I installed the board and was able to get my files of the drive. 10 years worth of info!!

By Andreas from Germany

Just wanted to let you know that everything worked like a charm: I got all my files back. Thank you.

By Chris from France

IT WORKS !!!!!!! Thanks again, I've just received the PCB and it works, thank you so much.

By Chris from Germany

I did not use a forum to find you. But the print worked absolutely fine. In fact, I - by accident- grilled the card while I reversed the power supply and it burned the contacts and a part of the print. With the new print, I only needed to reinitialise the disk as a 'dynamic drive in Windows 7 and all my data were accessible again. Perfect. I have no problem to share this info on any type of forum

By Stefan from USA

thanks. It worked like a charm. I received it yesterday, swapped the PCBs and the disk works like a new one. Great ... Thank you very much for all your help!

By Steve from USA

I received the new pc board today and all I can say is..... SUCCESS and Hell Ya!!! The firmware transfer must have done the trick because I installed the board onto my dead drive, plugged it into my EZ-Dock and hit the power switch. And then I heard that beautiful sound of the drive spinning up!!! I have copied the drive contents over to a new drive, reviewed it and everything is right with the world again.

By Kevin from Canada

The board worked great. I was able to back up my customers very important data from the failed hard drive. What a great service you provide. I'll be passing your company name around and using your products in the future. The custom screw driver was a nice touch.

By William from Canada

"Sweet, it works!" "While building a new system I sent a 12v spike to my hard drives and fried the logic board on my Samsung HD.. After countless hours trying to find a resolve I came up with PCB Solution on Ebay. I contacted them and after a couple of quick emails I sent my fried board off. Within a week and a half I had it back and my hard rive was like new again with all of my data intact. Awesome!

By Lyubomir from Bulgaria

The HDD is living again ;-) and we've back up all data (130GB). More then 20GB pictures of the client's child from his 1st day to 3years. Our client and we are vary grateful to you. It's worth every second waiting ;-) You can be proud of you for making people happy ;-)

By Rafael from Spain

Today I received the plate and works perfectly. Many thanks.

By Steve from U.K.

Just thought I would send this email to say thank you for the pcb board you sent me to fit my seagate external hard drive, it arrived today and works great, saving me a fortune in data recovery.

By Abel from France

I am very happy with my purchase. The drive worked immediately after installation of the board. You did a great job. Thank you very much indeed.

By Rich from USA

Forgot to tell you that we did get the data off of my friends disk drive. Thanks again.

By Gordon from U.K.

Great news, the board arrived safely. I've almost recovered all the data.

By Patrizio from Italy

this morning finally the board arrived and I installed it immediately. IT WORKS FINE! I am transferring the files and all seems to go properly. I cannot wait for giving you the news! Thank you for you kindness and your professionalism. I hope to have again to do business with your firm.

By Jeroen from Netherlands

I just wanted to let you know that I have received your package and after I installed it, I could successfully reset the HDD (Seagate 7200.11) through RS232 in order to get it recognized again in the BIOS, so all files are now safe again (and now backed up!). It’s my mother’s HDD, so she’ll be very happy to have back her pictures and other stuff!

By Joni from Finland

It works! You saved me!

By Stefan from Germany

Great thank´s for helping to PCB solutions. You are very friendly and helpful, super service, very easy to handle. I will recommend PCB solutions to all my friends in Germany. Thank you so much , you are the best.

By Javier from Spain

I´ve received the circuit board, and I´ve installed it and it worked perfectly. Thank you a lot, I´ve been able to recover all my files. Your service is pretty good.

By Carlos from Spain

PCB Solutions gives a great service. With the wizard in their web I have been able to select the right PCB for my hard disk, the PCB has been shipped in few time, It has arrived with detailed instructions (and the tork screw indeed) and it worked. As a result, my hard disk is fixed and I have recovered my data, especially personal photos and videos which I thought I had lost.

By Peter from Germany

thank you very, very much. With your help i have recovered my RAID array. I can't believe it: all Data is back :)

By Shayne from USA

Just wanted to say thank you again. I got the board last night so let it sit inside the house overnight so it would equal out in temperature. Put the board on this morning and fired up the ol' drive. It works like a dream or at least good enough to get photos off. Pulled down 358GB of photos today. Thank you again and I will definitely keep your name and recommend you highly.

By Jesse from USA

Hey the part came in the other day and it works like a charm. Thanks so much, again, for helping me out with this.

By Helder from Belgium

just to let you know that the pcb arrived yesterday, as you predicted. I just had to screw it on and it came to life again. its now backing up. if the movie is edited i might send you the trailer.

By Christoph from Germany

thank you very much for your service. It worked!

By Marco from Italy

i received the pcb, replaced, and all working like a charm! Thanks for all and have Happy and Prosperous New Year!

By Louis from Canada

It worked like a charm! Thanks

By Louis from USA

I installed your PCB on my drive and not only was data recoverable, but the regular drive letter and usual folders were there, so the whole drive appears to be essentially repaired and may even be bootable if the tower bios will accept it. I'm going to install if for my client tomorrow to see, but at any rate I have all their data duplicated on another drive now. It was a job down the drain, but thanks to you I'm literally able to afford Christmas now. (American women are terribly materialistic about the gift exchange aspect of it.) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

By Rob from the Netherlands

I just received the PCB. It worked! Awesome! Thank you very very much, you've done a great job!! I certainly will recommend you if anyone I know has a similar problem! Happy christmas and best wishes for 2011!

By Frederic from France

I finally received the packet with the pcb. I put it on my hdd and.... the hard drive comes back to life !!! Thank you very much for your support and your services.

By Luca from Italy

I recovered all the data, I made a backup, but I think that however hard he may judge and be as good as new. Again, thank you very much, the memories of my brother are now in place. And if you tell me where I can find a service like yours for a disk, 2.5 Hitachi, I am grateful. Greetings Very good and holidays.

By Brendan from Australia

I just received the part in the mail and just letting you know it works flawlessly. I appreciate your help with this.

By Eric from France

I've received the PCB and it works ....very fine: all my data were safe! Thank you very much for your business and your good job!

By Alex from Spain

I've just received the PCB, and incredibly... IT WORKS.... ¡¡¡¡¡ I have no words enough to thanks you what I feel. All the content of the broken HD has been copied to a new one, and now it's safe. Inside was all my audiophile music collection in lossless formats. More than 80.000 euros in music very difficult to find and very expensive as collection. You're really great, and you make a very big benefit to people. My best regards to you and I have a debt with you for all my life. If I can help you in any thing just tell me please. Many thanks and I wish you a wonderful and merry Christmas and the best for all your life.

By Gabriel from Spain

Received the board, pluged it in, recovered the data!! Thanks for everything! Merry Christmas!

By Andrew from USA

I wanted to also personally thank you for your services. Changing the PCB allowed me the opportunity to retrieve my documents. I will continue to pass on the world about your services!!!

By Damon from USA

Thank you so much! With the PCB I purchased from you, I was able to recover the files I really needed! Couldn't be happier. I'll spread the word about your awesome business. Thanks again!

By Christos from Greece

The PCB arrived and the drive works like a charm, thank you very much for your support and the extra torx screwdriver! 10/10!!

By Patrick from USA

I was very happy with the board you guys sent, thanks for a great product... saved my data!

By Michel from Switzerland

All works…I’m very happy Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci Merci merci

By Theo from the Netherlands

Receive the pcb and it works like sunshine. Thanx!

By Reggie from USA

cant thank you enough Got my data back !!

By Nathan from USA

I received hard drive board today, works great. thank you...

By Saleem from USA

It worked like a charm! Truly appreciate it. Backing up the data right now as I write this.... 1 terabyte takes a while...hope it will hang in there until done. I will sing praises of pcbsolution to the IT staff at work, my friends and my family. not only was this a successful and very timely repair, I was especially pleased about the level of communication PCB Solutions brought to this transaction -From reassurances prior to, and during the transaction, to confirming receipt of the faulty board, to answering several of my questions and concerns during the repair time. You also let me know when it was repaired and even afterwards ... In other words... PCB Solution/You completely exceeded my expectations

By Larry from USA

PCB Solution, we salute you! The drive is alive, the data is recovered. Thank You!

By Ramses

Hi thank you very much!!! Excellent, I recovery my data successfully..!!

By Rafael from USA

I recommend this store for his honesty, for me everything was excellent I recommend 100%

By Elias from Spain

we received today the PCB Card. We brought it to the technical and it works. Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks a lot.

By Giovanni from Italy

I would like to inform you that I have succeeded in my data recovery!!!! And my HDD has been restored and it works again! Thanks a lot again for your support. See you next business.

By Nicolas from France

I received your parcel yesterday!! I followed all the installation instructions, then connected the hard drive to the computer can't imagine the joy which grow up in me when I understand that I recover ALL the data !!!! It's absolutely wonderful, thank you very very much for your great help, be sure that I will advertise your company around my collaborators and subcontractors at my job and also to my friends !!! I wish you a sweet day !!

By Harley from Canada

I got the PCB yesterday...changed it out, installed the HD and it worked perfectly. I was able to recover about 6GB of my daughter's pictures that we thought were lost forever. Thanks for all your help!!

By Brad from USA

I got the PCB board and installed it to the Hard Drive and it works perfectly. You guys were great fast and responsive to questions and right on the money that you could fix my Hard Drive. If I know of anyone else that has a similar issue where a Hard Drive dies but is not clicking cause the platter is done I will refer them to you.

By David from Australia

I received my hard drive board today and i would like to thank you for a job well done.I fitted the board fired it up and it worked perfectly.

By Yitagesu from Norway

Thank u very much 4 ur good service. It's working. Thanks again

By Bruno from France

Personally, I am always concerned when I order on a U.S. website. But there I was really surprised about the speed of service, thank you.

By Dumitru from Romania

I received the board on the 28th of October in perfect conditions. I replaced my faulty board with your board and the hard drive came to live. I recovered all my data. Thank you very much for your great product. I will spread the word about your company.

By Dipal from India

I got the PCB few days back in good condition. And my hd seems to be working again....thanks a lot. Thanks for the regular replying to my queries and doing the extra bit to help me get my right PCB and also telling me the probability of success before I ordered.

By Jamaliel from the Caymen Islands

Success!!!, I picked up the part today, took it home, read the instructions and put it in a while ago. The power cable wasn't sending any power (no power light) to the caddy for some reason so I put the hard drive in my desktop and it worked. I copied my data, thank you for making this possible.

By Luca from Italy

the recovery with the new pcb you sent me was a complete success!! The hard drive worked as if it was brand new! I'll never thank you enough for your service.

By Carmen from France

I receipt the board and that work fine. I'm happy!

By Michael from U.K.

I thought you might like to know I have received the new board and it has successfully restored the hard drive and its contents. Thank you for your support and advice over during the process, you were most helpful and gave me the professional advice I needed to pursue this recovery with confidence.

By Jukka from Finland

Thanks alot for your service, it worked and all family pics from 10 years back are safely restored.

By David from Spain

I received the repaired PCB and it works perfectly. Thank you very much, I will send you more in the future.

By Alberto from Spain

OK, order received. Fortunately, I managed to recover the hard disk just by changing the PCB, great. Thank you very much and best regards

By Aerin from USA

A heavy storm caused the roof to leak and water to short out an important drive. PCB Solutions website made it very easy to locate the replacement board I needed. They got back to me very quickly with an additional question I had and shipped my board the next day. The price seems a bit high for a simple logic board but I was extremely happy to pay that much to regain access to my data. Overall I was completely happy with my purchase.

By Julian from USA

Many thanks, I replace the board and the drive is working. Have a nice day.

By Wolfgang from Germany

today I reveived the PCB for my Harddisk and I have full access.

By Johan from the Netherlands

Good news: my harddisk is working again!! No loss of data :-) Thanx for your support.

By Uday from India

I have received the PCB 2 days back.. replaced with the old one and my hard disk started working again.... thank you so much your help... with your help I have recovered all my photos, movies and videos.. thank you again.. I will surely recommend to this my friends all over India. you have saved my data worth millions of rupees.

By Dan from USA

Just wanted to let you know that the board you sent solved my problem. The drive worked fine after replacing the board and I was able to recover the entire drive.

By Ivan from Puerto Rico

I just received my PCB and guess what? Its working and I managed to recover my data. Thanks a million!!!

By Logais from Singapore

I have received the circuit board and my harddrive is working perfectly. Thank you for your time. Glad to do business with you. I would reccommend you to all my friends.

By Robert from USA

My Seagate 1tb HDD suffered an overvoltage condition on the 5v bus. I found a carbon stain on the printed side of the board and it was toast. My whole PC was on there, years of it. I orderd an identical new HDD, swapped the new board on to the old drive and it didn't work at all. I went back to the internet, Googled for hard drive repair, found these guys website, contacted them, sounded good, so I sent the controller card to them. Delivery was sort of slow, it took just over two weeks from Arkansas, regular post. Kevin sent me an email when he received the board, and a day later I received an email saying Success! and how I could pay. Loved being able to use PayPal. Five days later I had a new board back and installed. To my incredulous relief the drive spun up and is currently working once again as well as ever. Bravo, thank you PCB Solution!!

By Chris from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that you were dead on about the compatibility of that board. She fired up as soon as I swapped it and I was able to recover my customer's data. Thanks a lot - I promise you will be hearing from me again in the future.

By Julio from Spain

The PCB works fine. Thanks for your help. I love your company. Great job.

By Jerome from Belgium

It works !!! Thank you very very much.

By Andrew from Australia

I received the PCB Tuesday (local time). I fitted the unit and the drive works perfectly. The 500gb PCB recognized and reports the correct 400gb capacity. I have retrieved all the data on the drive. The only odd thing that I noticed is when I plugged it directly to my PC's IDE ribbon it shows up as a removable drive. I'll guess I'll just fdisk & format it again. I'm not planning to use it as permanent storage anymore, maybe just a drive to transfer files between PC's while the originals still exist on other drives. Once again thanks for all your help.

By Rodney from USA

I wanted to give you an update. The hard drive circuit board that I ordered worked great. I was able to boot the hard drive up and get all the files a needed. It is working so well that I am going to leave it in the computer and continue to use it as the primary drive. Thanks you are a life saver.

By Nicolas from France

I received the board two days ago and the package was not damaged at all. Then I mounted it on my hard drive and now it works pretty well, just as before. Thanks for having answered to all of my questions. You are a pro on the whole line...

By Andrew from Australia

PCB Solution had the perfect answer to my problem. The replacement just screwed on and I put the hard drive back in my computer and I had EVERY thing back. normal post cost $3.00 to Australia and took 8 days to get here. I would have used express post however I could not justify the $43.00. After all they had to put the parcel on the same plane to get here. The service was the best I have come across for some time now and I will even put a link on my website for them.

By Justin from U.K.

The circuit board has arrive and the Hard drive is up and working. Thank you so much for your help with all this. All my photos and data have been recovered and they are now backed up in three different places. Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

By Gerald from France

The PCB you recommended works just fine, and my data is currently being backed-up on a safer location! After that, I'll set up a correct backup procedure ;-) Thanks a lot for!!!!!!!!

By Andre from Brazil

Thanks!! I can recovery my lost files! I received this week and today i put in my hd and worked fine!

By Christina from USA

I received the logic board on Friday and I just got around to reassembling it today. It works perfectly! Thank you so much for your efforts!

By Lawrence from USA

Thank you for the prompt service. I had a HD with irreplaceable photos of a trip to visit distance family quit. I held on to it for 3 years hoping I'd find a away to recover the photos off of it. Then a friend told me about replacing just the circuit board. I found your site after a quick search on Google. I ordered the part and within a week it was here. I followed the instructions (thanks for the mini screw driver!) and Bam! The hard drive was working again!! I was able to recover all the files!! Thank you so much.

By Yatharth from India

I got your parcel today and am glad to state that my HDD got back to functioning again with the PCB provided by you. I can't thank you enough, since the data in my drive was very critical to me and my organization.

By Rolanger from Netherlands Antilles

I had a good experience dealing with this seller I recommended to any one

By Zack from USA

Thank you. Your new board worked perfectly.

By Carlos from Spain

The order arrived two days ago, and It's work, and I could recover my data

By Enrique from Spain

Finally arrived two days a go and I could restart the hard disk and make a back up copy. Thank you very very much for the help, for your good work, professional and serious. The box came perfect packed, including the screw driver!

By J-F from Canada

I received my PCB and my hard drive works! Thank you very much. I'll let everyone I know about your company and great service.

By Bob from USA

Just wanted to let you know that the PCB arrived yesterday - I slapped it onto the drive today -and- it worked and I was able get all of the data off the drive. Thanks so much for your services. I'll definitely keep your contact info around if I run into this situation again in the future.

By Kirill from USA

The board arrived today, and I'd love to let you know that it works perfectly. Drive is alive. Thanks so much

By Martin from Canada

Good Morning, I ordered a new circuit board from you last week in attempt to revive a Maxtor HD that had been out of commission for about 4 years. The new board has arrived and took about 5 minutes to install. It worked immediately and I was able to retrieve all the data I was sure was lost forever. It is a huge relief!

By Francis from Germany

I just wanted to thank you for supplying me with a replacement PCB for my hard disc, I was able to rescue all of my data which is now secured with a backup. I am very grateful to you and wish you all of the very best.

By Nico from the Netherlands

It works. Many thanks for your service!

By Caleb from USA

Thanks for the service. The hard drive is alive for the first time in 3 years. I work for as an IT contractor so I'll be sure to use the services of your company again in the future if the need arises. Thanks so much.

By Andy from USA

I received the circuit board today and installed it. I have complete success! The hard drive works like new. I can't thank you and your company enough. You made the entire process so pleasant. Thank you for the email updates, they were very valuable to me.

By Claude from Canada

I just received my PCB, after installing it on my hard drive, it works very well ;-) so I wanted to thank you for the help you provided me, and also tell you that I'm very satisfied service you have given me! Thank you again! nice day!

By Kenny from Canada

Hey, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that the circuit board worked out perfectly. I can't tell you how happy I was to see and hear the drive come back to life! I backed up all my data to another drive. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone in need this solution and thanks once again for the professional and fast service!

By Jacek from Poland

it came last week, and it WORKED!!! I've managed to copy data and I'm using this disk as before. Many, many thanks for your help.

By Richard from Australia

Just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the work you performed on the PCB for the Seagate SATA drive. It lives again and all data is accessible!

By Al from USA

I just recieved the Logic Board. I replaced the board and ALL IS WORKING PERFECT!!! I will recommend your boards to all of my friends and relatives. Thank you for everything...

By Skip from the Netherlands

Today I received the cloned PCB and I wanted to let you know that it worked. You are my hero! I will recommend your company to anyone who deals with the same problem that I had. So thank you for your service and your products. I can finish my study now and it will be a good lesson that I can't trust blindly on hardware, and to make a back up of any data. Lot's of thanks and greetings, a satisfied customer.

By Kenny from Canada

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service, hard drive is now working perfectly again! :) Hopefully I'll never have another dead drive again, but if I do, I know where to go.

By Marcio from Brazil

We have finally received the replacement board and had it installed. It worked flawlessly. We were able to recover every single file from our failed hard drive. Congratulations on the excelent packaging and impeccable customer service!

By Scott from Australia

Worked like a charm! thanks alot mate, just let the customer know about and Ghosted the drive on a external all is good

By Leo from Australia

You are welcome to use us as reference.

By Luis from Mexico

Today I received the circuit board, and is working perfectly, many thanks kyou saved my life

By Mathieu from Canada

I received your package today. My hard drive is back to life & I recover all my data. Youppii!! Thanks a lot!

By Steven from USA

I would like to let you know I just received my boards today, (very fast delivery) I'm happy to say. I assembled the components back together and I'm extremely happy to see that everything works perfect. This has been a very rewarding experience for me, you have given me great costumer service/satisfaction and deliverance. Thank you very much.

By Matt from USA

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Got the Board in over the weekend and it worked without a hitch!!! all my data has been recovered thank you so much.

By Maria from Sweden

the new board was a success! The computer started up immediately! Great, thank you. I have now copied all the files and photos for my daughter. She has a new laptop, maybe this old computer can be used by my mother after "cleaning it up" (as long as it now will function...)

By Gabriele from Canada

it is working!!! thanks for your help, you save me a lot of money....By Henrik from Sweden

The repair worked perfectly and all my precious data was recovered! Thank you very much for an excellent and professional service!

By JP from Canada

Simply Great! My 2 drives came back to life with your PCB and the parts provided. Thank you so much!

By David from U.K.

fantastic = arrived in good time and worked a treat. You think hard drive at all reliable with new board? I immediately transfered all data then reformatted it. All well.

By Damien from France

Today I received the PCB and mounted on my hard drive that works properly again. I want to thank you for your professionalism and completely satisfied with your service. I will not hesitate to advise your company in the future and keeps your website link if I happened to other future mishaps.

By Gareth from U.K.

As some feedback, the drive is working fine, thank you for your suggestion and assistance.

By Patrick from Australia

Thank you very much received the pc board today works great many thanks

By Jim from USA

I just wanted the thank you for your great help in restoring access to my burned out drive. I carefully installed the replacement board, put the drive in an external enclosure, plugged it in, and Presto! There were my files, including some irreplaceable shots of my magnificent grandson! It was wonderful, and I got to be a hero in the family’s eyes. Pretty cool! Thanks for your meticulous care in matching my board so accurately, and for providing good instructions. I will be waving the PCB flag whenever I get the chance!

By David from USA

Good people to deal with.

By Mike from the Netherlands

YESSS!!! Success!! Victory!! They hooked up the drive at the PC store and it was recognized instantly. Immediately the data were copied safely onto an external hard drive which I'll be using as a backup.

By Bill from USA

Just wanted to compliment you guys on what you provide. Thought I had lost years of data due to a double hard drive crash from a power surge. Ordered a replacement PCB for my Seagate and it was pure magic to see it boot up! Will be recommending your company to everyone I know! Great job and I couldn't be happier. Thought it would cost me a bundle to send it in to one of those recovery companies. They probably just order the part from you and then charge unknowing consumers crazy prices to copy the data to another hard drive. Anyway, thanks, your company is a life saver!!!!

By Rob from USA

Just wanted to thank you for your service! I replaced the circuit board on my dead Maxtor drive and it worked!! I was able to recover all of my data and copy it to another drive. thanks so much! I had almost given up before I found you. You helped save me a lot of grief!

By Greg from U.K.

Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU!! After patiently waiting for the PCB to ship to England (still have a nostalgic image of merchant ships with smoking funnels here) It took five minutes to fit, and has rescued ten years of audio recordings that were backed up onto it. When my pc crashed and burned I foolishly thought I had at least a backup. What's most important is that the singer on some of the rescued (unfinished)songs, died a couple of years ago, so just to rescue his vocals was enough. In future I'm backing up online, to dvd, to a second HDD everywhere!! Thought I'd lost everything. Thanks again!!

By Uwe from Germany

today I've got the new PCB and.........the hard drive is working again. :-)))))) Thanks a lot for your good job.

By Santi from Spain

The pcb has been correctly and it works ok. The model of the chip are not the same but does its work in perfect conditions.

By Darren from USA

I posted to a forum. The board worked great!

By Larry from USA

I have just received the replacement pcb for my maxtor drive and it works perfectly.

By Nathan from USA

I emailed them to see if they had a part that was not listed on their site, they did. They shipped it out quickly and I received it in a couple of days, with free shipping. It worked! I was able to get a very important database back. The customer service was some of the best I've encountered, and I deal with customer service a lot. Would definitely buy again if needed.

By Chris from Canada

All installed and working - thank you so much! You've been excellent, and I can't say enough good about your service. The data is important to no one except me, but everyone should hear about you and your business - it's how things should work.

By Paul from U.K.

I received the replacement HDD PCB today. It works fine, many thanks for all your efforts.

By Stephen from Canada

I just received a board for another drive and it works like a charm. Many thanks.

By Anders from CA

Got the board today and it works like a charm! Thanks! :)

By Andy from U.K.

Happy bunny tonight, swapped the pcb, and it works!! Excellent service my man....

By Steven from U.K.

Thanks so much for your support. I've tried the drive in a different enclosure and it works fine now and i've got all my data back. you guys have been a life saver. i'm in the process of finding another pcb for an old drive now to get that up and running too so you may hear from me again.

By Warren from NC

I just installed the new board and all worked out just fine.

By Vardis from Greece

The board works and i saved years of work and data thank you very much your help was precious. Nice deal with you. The package arrived at 22th of june.

By Remco from Netherlands

I just want to let you know that the package has arrived 2 days ago, but more important is that the hard drive is working again! My friend is so happy now, because she had al here important family photo’s on that hard drive. She had given up the hope. But thanks to your delivery she has a big smile on her face and wants to thank you! Thanks for everything!

By Dan from Romania

People were very nice, provided fast and useful answers to my questions. Extraordinary, amaizing, selection tutorial for the broken part to be replaced. Excelent price! Probably they should find a faster (still cheap) solution to deliver to Europe. Anyhow, I really recommend these guys! They are the best!

By Matteo from Italy

pcb arrived this moarning with FedEx, and I solved my problem with the HDD. Thank again for your professionality. I wish to work with you again.

By Uli from Germany

it works! I could recover the whole harddrive! I had to run Windows in a secure modus so it took over nicht because it was a bit slow! Thank you for your help. I highly recommend your business

By Tim from U.K.

Just to let you know, got the pcb, fitted in 2mins and retrieved over £6000.00 worth of data for my client. (Wish I'd charged him more!!) so many thanks for a timely and reliable service.

By Norma from PA

IT WORKED!!! Like a dream - thank you, thank you, thank you!! I look like a genius!

By Joachim from Martinique

I received the parts Saturday and all works fine. Thank you for the handy screwdriver.

By James from U.K.

Thank You, i recieved the board this morning, and it works fine, Thank You again, i will certainly put your name about, Great service, Respectfully yours.

By Francesco from Italy

The board arrived and worked properly! That's great, thank you very much for your help and kindness. Hope to never hear you again ;)

By Daniel from Australia

I would like to let you know that I received the board, I was able to extract the data from the failed hard drive. Thank you for your prompt service and would suggest anyone with a similar problem deal with you.

By Narjes from U.K.

This is a great video. My 500g hard drive stopped working and I was asked to pay about £200 english pound to recover my data, this included a new 500g hard drive.I bought the circuit board from pcbsolution and paid just over £30 inculding p&P. The circuit board came within a week and it took me about 3 minutes to fix it and now I have all my data back as well as my hard drive.They even send you the screw driver as well. Great job, thank you.

By Curtis

I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me find a part to revive a dead Maxtor HDD that contained a lot of irreplaceable photos (far more than I remembered) and other important files I thought were gone forever. The part number of the board you referred me to (302006101) wasn't exactly the same as my dead board (302006100), but you were pretty confident it would work. As it turns out, it did (does) and I was able to salvage all of my files. Thanks a million! I will refer all of my friends to your site if they ever find themselves in such a position to need your service.

By Peter from Australia

Buying a circuit board hoping it will fix your problems is always risky The product was clearly defined and risks explained Delivery was clearly explained Installation instructions were enclosed As this board helped me save over 8000 photos I am very pleased A very pleasant and helpful buying experience

By Dave from AL

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the board worked great. I was working on a drive for a friend of a friend. She was frantic, she thought she was backing up her data, but she was backing up the wrong partition. The motor on the drive was not spinning and I was afraid that the motor had quit. I felt the chance that the board would work was well worth your price for the board. I was dreading searching EBay and other sites for “maybe” the correct board. Finding your website was just the thing. Your communications was great. The board arrived quickly, you mailed it from Washington State on Friday and I got it here in Alabama on Tuesday. The instructions were very clear and understandable. You even included the Torx screwdriver to change the board. AND THE BOARD FIXED THE PROBLEM. I have recovered her data and she said her business depended on it, and she did not know what she would do if the data was lost, and with the way the economy has been, her business has been slow and she could not afford to pay the huge rates for a data recovery service. You offer a great product, at a fair price, with fast shipping. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and will use you again if needed. Thanks again for everything.

By Lorne from Canada

Just a quick note to say thanks and all is well.....the board worked like a charm.

By Pamela from OH

When we fried our 1TB Seagate, I was concerned we’d lost our files. We contacted a couple of local places who wanted to charge us $1000 to recover the data. Then I found out that it was possible to switch out the PCB and perhaps save the data. Looking around online, I found this site. I couldn’t be happier! My board works now and the data is intact. Response emails were amazingly fast and informative and the cost was so very reasonable. Turnaround time was fast as well. Just the best!

By Rob from NC

Success! I was able to copy all the files from the drive. Thank you for your services.

By Carlos from Panama

I just received my PCB for my dead Seagate Barracuda from you - TOTAL SUCCESS! Thank you guys. Very satisfactory service. Excellent packaging, and the included torx screwdriver was a nice touch.

By Ray from Canada

Just got the pcb for the Seagate 80gb. Popped it in and the drive is alive. Thank you for the quick response and for saving my ass. Nice touch including screwdriver, btw. I will be telling my IT buddies about you guys, you can be sure.

By Joe from FL

Received PCB today and it worked like a charm. I've been holding onto this old drive for over 5 years thinking I'd never be able to recover my data! Thank you guys very much!

By Luc from Canada

Just to let you know that i tested my hard drive and everything work perfectly! Thanks for the excellent service you gave me!

By Ciaran from Ireland

Great seller, and very fast international delivery. Highly recommended!!

By Andy from Canada

Excellent overall experience - very quick, helpful, and courteous service. I'd use definitely use PCB Solution again. My drive's circuit board was damaged by my plugging in the wrong power pack!. I searched some online support forums which suggested replacing the board may recover my data. One poster recommended PCB Solution, with good feedback on their service so I decided to give them a try. Their online tool for selecting the correct board was very easy to use- just enter drive specs from label and it recommends the correct board. There was one small discrepancy which I emailed the merchant about... his response was very fast - within one hour, and that was on a Sunday! He confirmed the correct board to order. Online ordering and payment was quick and easy - I took the Pay Pal option. I placed the order on Sunday night and merchant confirmed mailing of package by email on Monday morning. The circuit board was shipped by Express Post (I'm in Canada), and it was in my mailbox Tuesday evening! The Express Post option was great - no having deal with missed courier deliveries since I'm usually not home during the day. Installation was a snap - the board came with instructions and a small Torx screwdriver to change out the board. Replacing the board with new one took less than five minutes. I powered up drive with the new board and my data was still there! I emailed the merchant again with news of my success, to which he once again quickly replied with his congratulations!

By Marshall from OK

Thanks a million for saving me $hundreds, if not $thousands. The PCB you shipped me the day I ordered it did the trick of getting my dead Maxtor external hard drive up and running once again. Thanks to you guys I was able to save 3 years worth of digital photos, original Photoshop files and business items without having to pay some company thousands of dollars to recover my data. I've sent out an e-mail to hundreds of my clients, friends and family detailing my experience, giving the step by step procedure for replacing the PCB on their hard drives and referring them to PCB Solution as the source to buy replacement PCBs. Your identification process made it very easy to replace my dead PCB with the correct new one. The procedure has allowed me to access all of my data and back it up on another external hard drive and multiple DVDs.

By Ray from FL

I received the package today, not to bad , 3 days from Wa. to Florida! The board works, was able to get all out pics off.. Oh you can bet dollar to donuts the first thing i did was back up EVERYTHING off that drive.. My girlfriend came home and i handed her two dvds, 2 copies, of all her pics and i can honestly say the tension is gone! I was a dead man last week when this drive popped but you did indeed save the day. As far as I know, cause i did check everywhere, you were the only guy in the world selling the exact board i needed..I guess it was the last one in the world! ha!

By Chris from Canada

It's been a genuine pleasure doing business with you (a hard thing to come by these days!). Thank you for your excellent service and prompt replies. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

By Vinnie from MI

If you are in need of a replacement pcb board, you must go to PCB Solutions. The folks at PCB Solutions saved me hundreds of dollars. If you go on line and look up the prices data recovery services are charging i.e. $500.00 and up. I went to PCB Solutions and for under $40.00 got the replacement board, installations instructions sheet, free on line advice, the star driver unit and follow up e-mails to see if everything was all right. People, you can't go wrong with PCB Solutions - believe me, they are just great.

By Craig

A friends power-supply fan died and he felt bringing it in to the techs at a office supply chain for repair was a good idea... Rather than replacing the $2 fan of course, they installed a whole new power-supply then proceeded to reconnect everything (while the power was on). After the smoke cleared, they handed the computer back and said "sorry". All of his photos, videos and work was on that Maxtor. He brought the computer to me, I rumaged through the 50 odd drives I have for a match but no luck -- after searching for an exact replacement drive with the intension of ripping-off the controller, I stumbled across PCB Solution and am I ever glad -- you guys had the exact controller board in-stock, it arrived in a few days and whammo! He's back in action. You saved him money, you saved him time and you helped save his data... Great service, great value, you're bookmarked and I'll recommend you folk to everyone caught in a similar situation! You even shipped it with a mini Torx screwdriver... Awesome. Kudos. Two thumbs-up!

By Dave from U.K.

I had a Seagate Hard Drive fail after a power surge, the motherboard had evidence of a chip having burnt out. The drive would just click on power up and was totally invisible to the pc. Although the drive did not have any critical data on it, I stood to loose many years of family photos as well as a very big collection of music for three ipods. I called several UK based "Drive Recovery" companies who quoted between £299-£500 plus Tax to recover the data from the drive. I found PCBSolution's shop on e-bay, there was a comprehensive guide to identify the correct motherboard. I swapped a couple of e-mails with Kevin who confirmed that they did indeed have the correct board for my drive. The board was purchased and a few days later it arrived complete with fitting instructions and the correct Torx driver for the screws. Changing the board was easy and a few minutes later the repaired drive was up and running allowing me to recover 100% of the data to a new replacement drive. A big thank you to Kevin and PCBSolutions for helping me get my data back. The cost of the replacement part including postage was a lot less than 10% of the cheapest price quoted elsewhere.

By Roland from NC

The interaction with Kevin was exceptional. Kevin was quite responsivee to all my questions and responded in a very timely manner. Kevin was also very knowledgable about electronics and able to respond to specific questions I proposed about components. I would recommended their services to anyone experiencing problems with recovering the data from a hard drive.

By Harlan from NE

Excellent merchant to do business with. PCB board saved me considerable time and expense. This should be your first stop before trying a more expensive data recovery service. Thanks.

By Max from TX

Very helpful, friendly staff.

By Basil from CO

The service itself and the level of customer care offered are unsurpassed. For me, it was practically like a miracle. I had an old Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 series hard drive that CAUGHT ON FIRE: smoke and flames shot out of one of the ICs on its PCB. I mailed the fried PCB board to PCB Solutions. They cloned the microcode onto a new PCB and mailed me the new one. I screwed the PCB onto the HD, and it worked perfectly! I recovered all my data! (The microcode cloning was critical since this has to be exactly the same as the original microcode, or otherwise this particular model of HD won't work with the new PCB.) If you have an HD model they handle (mostly Maxtor/Seagate, but some others too), and it is mechanically sound and has no bad sectors but otherwise acts dead, give PCB Solutions a try as the problem may be the PCB board, and PCB solutions is substantially less expensive than the other data recovery alternatives.

By Matthew from CA

Very friendly and helpful. Very fast shipping, quicker than stated. The board worked perfectly, I was able to recover some very important family pictures. Thanks again!

By Rand from UT

Just as described. Fast shipping. Pleased with transaction.

By Gavin from Australia

The service was great, always quick to respond to my emails and they delivered exactly what they promised.

By Chris from CA

I needed a PCB for my seagate hard disk. Very simple. They had the part I needed. The price was great, It was here in a couple of days (free shipping). I exchanged boards without a hitch and the hard drive is running as well as it did before the replacement. A deal at twice the amount. Thank you.

By Robert from CA

Can't say enough good stuff. I honestly thought the data was gone forever without spending a couple of hundred bucks on a recovery service. The board was perfect, the instructions clear and the drive is back in place humming away (and properly backed up) Thanks!

By Mitch from NJ

The information on the website was spot on. They sent it quickly and even sent a screwdriver with it.

By Russ from IA

The replacement board arrived promptly and matched the specifications of the board on my failed drive. The drive with the replacement board worked for several hours in a Rocketfish external USB enclosure. This was long enough to recover all the lost data, and was well worth the cost of the board to me. PCB Solution responded promptly to several e-mails from me and told me up front that based on my description of the drive's status there was a good chance that the board would not solve the problem. I'm glad I decided to give it a try.

By Todd from Florida

Outstanding service and extremely fast delivery. This is exactly what I needed to fix my hard drive! Definitely will buy from this company again. A

By Raffelli from France

Thanks to PCB Solution, my hard drive works well an recovered all my data ! That's great ! Very good merchant !

By Dominic from U.K.

Fantastic service - very quick, great communication and went out the way to help. Highly recommended!

By William from PA

I bought a replacement circuit board for my defective hard drive. The website was very helpful and very easy to navigate through. The website also helped purchase the correct product. The product I purchased worked perfectly and I was able to image the drive on to a newer hard disk. Thanks again!!

By Philippe from France

I received it in 2 weeks in France, that's quite fast. Thanks to onepcsolution I could repair my hdd and I saved 300GB of data! I have another maxtor down, I will buy another pcb when I will have enough money ^^.