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PCB Solution Customer Reviews - P 5

By Christian from France - 2016

Tout est entré dans l’ordre ! J’ai reçu, ce matin, le contrôleur de mon disque dur et je vous en remercie. Je l’ai essayé et tout fonctionne, je peux enfin récupérer mes documents. Tout est parfait!

By Levente from Germany - 2016

Thank you, I was able to recover all data! Great job!

By Pete from Australia - 2016

The data recovery was successful and I cannot thank you enough for the quality service that you provide! I wish you and PCB Solution the very best in the future!

By Marc from USA - 2016

Just wanted to let you know I received my replacement board today for my HDD and my data recovery was successful! I am pumped and I am very happy with your company and will recommend you as much as possible to social media, friends, family and business associates!

Your service was impeccable, you know how to treat customers! I was kept abreast of the process and I knew what to expect. Again THANK YOU!

By Claude from Canada - 2016

Thank you guys. It worked perfectly ! All Data recovered.

By Dave from USA - 2016

I received the new board, installed the board on the drive, after installing the drive and booting up the PC I was able to see all 30 years worth of family videos and pictures. If I back up for a second and explain, I had my primary device and a backup device, prior to the drive failure. Problem is both drives failed with in 2 weeks of each other. I now have 4 devices with copies of the files, one is primary and 3 on separate devices/locations away from my PC. Thanks for the quick service. One very happy customer!

By Jean-Francois from France - 2016

I have received the PCB the previous week and it works. I can access to my hard disk ! I will recommend your site to anyone having the same issue.

By Shlomo from Israel - 2016

just want to thank you very much, it worked and I was able to save all my data from the drive The drive itself is in a border condition and a lot of times fell to be recognized by the computer I overcome it by employing the drive within a USB external box in a flat position on the table (not vertical standing position) and copying the content to another USB drive which reduced the reading rate to around 17Mb/sec half of that of reading to internal drive in double rate. I let you know in order that you may command this procedure to your customers but the most important for me is of course, saving all my data (about 500G) I will let friends to know about your helpful service.

By John from USA - 2016

Your package arrived this afternoon. Long story shortened: I installed the cloned printed circuit board on the Seagate drive, installed the drive into the desktop, and it successfully booted. Everything is as it was. I'm so happy I can barely stand it. Thank you so very much for your expertise. You have added another extremely-satisfied customer. Of course I immediately made two backups of the restored drive, and I am in the process of preparing a second drive upon which I will clone the restored drive. I will take your suggestion of not relying upon the once-failed drive. Yes, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016 to you also.

By Alexander from Russia - 2016

Very friendly, attentive and quick to response service. Have options on shipping abroad. Helped me to restore valuable data.

By Aitor from Spain - 2016

The circuit board have arrived today and it works perfectly. thanks for everything!!!

By Jim from USA - 2016

The new circuit board worked and I have my 2 TB of data back. Thanks for the help.

By Fernando from Canada - 2015

I am amazed at the service and quality of PCB Solution. It's really hard to find quality and honest HDD service providers and I finally got to find them. They are real and do what they say they do and they go the extra mile to give you more information so you won't mess it up in case you don't know what you're doing. Thank you guys, you just cloned a charred board with data from more than 12 years and now im ready to back it up.

By Daniele from Italy - 2015

I got the PCB today and IT'S WORKING!!! Sure no doubt about but this was a challenge to me, never fixed such problem before, so i wasn't that sure to have an happy end. Thanks again for Your patience and suggestion about the right PCB to order. All, the best and season greatings for all of You over there at PCB solution.

By Ian from United Kingdom - 2015

received pcb board today, fitted and recovered all data. Thanks great service

By Philippe from France - 2015

Just received the PCB yesterday evening in my letter box. Everything is working fine. Thanks.

By Michele from Italy - 2015

Yesterday I received the PCB and I saved all my HDD data! Thank you for your support!!!

By Jeffrey from USA - 2015

I thought I would let you know that we were able to retrieve all the video from the drive. Thank you for the service you provide. I am very happy to recommend your business to other partners in my area.

By Olaf from Germany - 2015

today i received my new PCB and the drive is working again! I'm backing up the data right now. You made me very happy. :-)

By Ivan from Belgium - 2015

Just received the board. Mounted and all works fine. Thanks for your excellent service.

By Jonathan from USA - 2015

Success! The board arrived this morning. I mounted the board on the drive, slotted the drive back in the old XP box, and powered up. After a detour through Chkdsk (which found a handful of errors), the PC booted up with no apparent issues. You guys are great!

By Ger from Ireland - 2015

Just to say thanks again for all your help and great service , the repair & Data recovery was a success

By Marcelo from Spain - 2015

I receive the PCB, and it has worked! I can not believe it, I am very happy! I was able to recover 100% of the data. Honestly, you provide a great service and very fast. Tell me, where I can write a positive review ... of course :-)

By Damiano from Italy - 2015

The new board arrived and it works great! Thanks, thanks, thanks! You have saved me! The hard disk is started immediately and I had saved all my data files. I immediately made backup files ahaah. From Rome to Vancouver a heartfelt thanks for your extraordinary work!!!

By Danny from Belgium - 2015

I received the board today and the hard disk works again ! I know somebody who’s going to be very very happy his data could be recovered :-) thanks again for your service, much appreciated.

By Craig from United Kingdom - 2015

Just thought i would let you know that the board worked straight away and i am very happy!

By Merle from Canada - 2015

Just wanted to let you know that your fix worked perfectly and all the data that I needed was totally recovered. Thank you for your expertise and great service.

By John from United Kingdom - 2015

I would just like to thank you for the work you did repairing my burnt out pcb board from my broken hard drive. I have just fitted the new board you have sent me and I have been able to retrieve all my lost data. My partner is so happy as the drive contained alot of family photos that were very dear to her. Lesson learned on backing up important data I have left you feedback on ebay and wont hesitate to suggest your company to others if they have the same problems.

By Alan from United Kingdom - 2015

Thanks for the board, it arrived today, took me ten mins to fit it and spin up the drive; success :)

By Jean Paul from France - 2015

Je résumerai tout en un seul mot : parfait

By Tim from USA - 2015

Just received the package and my burned hard drive works like a charm now! Thank you so much!!!

By Geoffrey from United Kingdom - 2015

Now transferring data from the HDD fitted with the cloned control card. Many thanks again. Sorry I can't buy you lunch. Perhaps one day.

By Niki from Australia - 2015

I took up this service as a last-ditch effort to recover data from a hard-drive I'd thought was a lost cause. Pretty desperate considering the service is offered from Canada and I'm in Australia. So I sent the board off... and after some weeks I thought I had probably lost the board and some money as well - but it returned! And I apologise to the PCB team for ever doubting them! Because not only did it come back... after re-attaching it to the (cursed) hard-drive, it hummed back to life like it was brand new! Couldn't believe it! Amazing work guys!

By Wilfred from Netherlands - 2015

I received the package already yesterday, and drive is working OK! Thank you!

By IOANNIS from Greece - 2015

I received the pcb and is working just fine! I just want to thank you very much. All the best!

By Gabe from USA - 2015

If you're ever in Los Angeles, email me. I gotta buy you dinner. The motherboard arrived today and I just installed it. Everything is working!!!!!!

By Christophe from Belgium - 2015

I have just received the PCB. Mounted it on the HD.. plugged the SATA-USB interface, connected to my laptop .... and.... Ta Taaa ... it works like it was new! Fantastic Job. I couldn't thank you enough for this.

By Keith from USA - 2015

It worked like a champ. Thank you!! I was able to recover all 212 GB of data. This was money well spent.

By Ryan from USA - 2015

Just wanted to let you know that I got the PCB today, and the hard drive works like a charm inside my computer! Thank you very much for all the help!

By RAMON from Spain - 2015

No puedo por menos que escribirles para expresarles lo feliz que estoy. Acabo de recibir la placa del Disco Duro, la he montado siguiendo las instrucciones y ha funcionado a la primera. He recuperado todos los ficheros, fotos, documentos que había dado por perdidos. Excelente servicio, atención y cumplimiento de plazos. Recomendable 100 %.

By Alessandro from Italy - 2015

For the second time you have saved my Hard Disk, thank you.

By Tomi from Finland - 2015

Thank You very much. Just copied all my data with Your PCB - perfect!!! Have a nice weekend :)

By Mathieu from Canada - 2015

I wanted to thank you and your team ( if your not alone on this ) for reviving my hard drive! You'll be sure that I will be talking about you if I heard anyone with the same problem!

By Joeri from United Kingdom - 2015

We have received the board in good order and our drive is now functioning beautifully! You have saved my girlfriend's treasured pictures, and not to mention, my life (I may have possibly damaged the PCB in the 1st place!) ;)

By Michael from Germany - 2015

it's noon in Germany and very early morning in White Rock. If you were here, we raised a glass of champagne on you and everybody involved at PCB Solution. IT WORKS! Right now I'm backing up the data from the repaired HD to another medium. A great job that PCB has done. A great success. Thank you very much. I gladly will spread the word of this excellent and professional service. Just give me a note, how I could advertise for your business the best way.

By Wim from Belgium - 2015

Just to let you know, the drive was perfectly ok and we could recover everything. Thanks for the great job!

By Hannes from Germany - 2015

i received the board today and everything´s fine.Thank you very much for everything. I have made a backup of the whole data now. I will recommend your company of course.(My brother asked me by reason of a damaged PCB board one week before i sent my hard drive to you ....and i told him about your company.He is also very satisfied with your work) Thank you very much for your work

By Percy from Bahamas - 2015

Just wanted to say thank you so much! The board works like a charm! One very happy customer! I don't know if I'm your first customer from the Bahamas but I will definitely be making referrals. Thank you for you efficient, friendly service. Much appreciated.

By Eddie from USA - 2015

Thanks so much for the PCB I just purchase from you did work perfect I was so happy also I m very sure that I will recommend to friend and everybody else about this web .. so one more time thank so much . so keep the wonderful job you doing .

By Trevis from Canada - 2015

Thank you. I received the system board and it works perfectly. I will certainly pass the word on my collogues. Thanks again, much appreciated.

By Ignacio from Spain - 2015

Hello! Just to let you know that the cloned PCB arrived a few minutes ago here in Spain... and I already have my HDD working perfectly!! I have already created a post on the biggest forum here in Spain speaking about my experience.

By Tristan from USA - 2015

I just wanted you to know that my HDD was accessible after installing your replacement PCB. I am extremely grateful for your excellent work and professionalism, and I will recommend your service to anyone in need of it.

By Reinier from Netherlands - 2015

Received the board and installed. It works perfectly!! Thank you very much for the more than excellent service. Even though I’m on the other side of the world everything went very smooth!! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

By Warren from Australia - 2015

I received the cloned PCB yesterday Reinstalled it onto the hard drive body, inserted the drive into an external enclosure and connected it to the computer. The computer indentified the drive immediately and I have successfully backed up all the data from the drive. The data on that hard drive represented over 6 months of work. I had part of it backed up, but not all of it as I had been reorganising the information. I was literally going to do the backup the very next day when the reorganising was finished. To my horror when I turned on the computer the next morning the drive was dead. I have six other hard drives of the same model as this drive. Three of them of were manufactured within two months of the dead drive. I swapped the PCBs from these drives, however due to firmware variances they did not succeed in reviving the faulty drive. Thank you so much for the very professional service you have provided. It definitely saved the day as far as accessing this stored information.

By Chris from New Zealand - 2015

A very easy trade with a great result. Very good packaging and quick delivery. I'll be ordering again. Thank you very much for providing a great service.

By Thierry from France - 2015

I've received the PCB this afternoon, I replaced it and it works very well ! Thank you very much Good Job !

By Bud from USA - 2015

Just wanted to let you know I got it back today and it worked perfectly thanks

By Chris from New Zealand - 2015

I just wanted to pass on my big thank you for getting the replacement pcb to me. It arrived on the 16th, and I now have a working HDD and can recover all my precious data. Great service.

By Mitchell from USA - 2015

I am so happy that I am in tears. With your wonderful help I was able to recover my elderly parents life of digital pictures and genealogy that they had worked so hard on for years. We couldn't afford to have them recovered with other companies' services but you have made me and my Parent's who are in their upper seventies and eighties very happy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By Carl from USA - 2015

Hello, I received my repaired PCB and have installed it. The drive is working perfectly. Thank You so much for your help. I have been able to retrieve all my data.

By Alex from France - 2015

I just received the PCB and was able to recover my personal data. So happy, tremendous work! Will recommend you to my network. All my sincere thanks and greetings from Paris

By Andy from United Kingdom - 2015

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I fitted the pcb this morning and I was able to recover every file from the hdd. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone in the future.

By Bruce from USA - 2015

Thanks for the fast turnaround... the PCB worked great and I was able to recover all my daughter's files.... Great Job!!

By Kevin from United Kingdom - 2015

Thanks - immediately worked perfectly once I attached the new board.

By Astley from USA - 2015

Your company is so amazing and unbelievable how quickly you sent my board back, I never even had to wait for it, it was right there inside my PO Box. I'm not even a technical person or anything close, but I installed your new board and immediately my files popped up on the screen and all my weeks of headaches and heartaches were suddenly over. On a scale of 1-10 PCB Solutions is an 11.


What more could any customer as for?? NOTHING!!. And for as little as I paid for this, I feel like I stole something because data recovery is outrageously expensive as you know. The video I saw on You Tube where this technician had such great things to say about PCB Solutions was so true. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, TO YOUR ENTIRE TEAM.

By Peter from USA - 2015

Got it and it worked!!!! Where do I go to write a glowing review? Really awesome thx!

By Kevin from USA - 2015

I received it today and my hard drive is alive again with all the data, IM SUPER HAPPY. THANK YOU.

By Ryan from USA - 2015

Thanks for the speedy return! Plugged it in and it works great. Awesome Service!

By Larry from USA - 2015

The new board arrived here a few days ago. I reassembled the drive and it works well! I'm very happy to restore all of my data. Thanks much for all of your help.

By Man from USA - 2015

My hard drive is alive again! Thank you So MUCH for your services!!!

By Josh from USA - 2015

I just wanted to send a thank you. I got the new board, attached it to the drive and it fired right up. Best $50 I’ve ever spent! It was mostly work files I don’t care about on that hard drive, but I did have some personal photos from trips to Spain and Iceland that I’m thrilled to get back. It’s a great service you offer, and I especially appreciate the excellent customer service in answering all my questions via email.

By Chris from USA - 2015

Thank you so much. This new board fixed the drive and I am able to recover the data!

By Guido from Germany - 2015

i received the board today an everything works fine. Thank you very much.

By Andy from Canada - 2015

Just wanted to congratulate you on the awesome service. I like how you keep the customer informed along the way, as someone who spent their whole career in hi-tech it’s appreciated, not all of them do that. The board swap was a success and I saved all my nieces photos of her kids, a very happy ending! I will pass on your website to my fellow nerd friends!

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