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Complete Data Recovery Service

Complete Data Recovery Service
Item# datarecovery
Regular price: US$500.00
Sale price: US$350.00
Replacement Drive Options:  Return Original Drive?: 

Product Description


Data Recovery Price $350
Parts costs (for disk head replacements) At cost
Replacement drive options:  
Digital upload (2TB) through OneDrive Free
User provided drive Free
USB stick (64GB) $20
2.5'' 1TB USB drive $60
2.5'' 2TB USB drive $80
Return Original Hard drive?  
Yes $35
No $0
Return Shipping Cost (if applicable)  
Canada $15
United States $20
Europe $30

Typical Recoverable Errors

Physically recoverable errors include beeping and buzzing drives, clicking drives, dropped drives, flooded drives, drives that sound normal, but cannot be detected, burnt drives, and drives that do not spin up at all.

Logically recoverable errors include deleted / formatted drives, some encrypted drives, and drives that detect as unallocated.

Typical Procedures and Capabilities

Disk head & circuit board replacements, service area modifications and repairs (essentially the hard drive's operating system), WD external drive decryption, drive motor repairs, and a variety of miscellaneous problems.

Recoverable storage types

Hard drives, portable drives (such as WD passports), SSDs, usb thumbdrives.

Possible outcomes

Successful data recovery

After the recovery is complete, we will send you some screenshots of the recovered data, and you can decide if the recovery is considered a success. If it is, then you can complete the payment, we can upload the data for you through Microsoft OneDrive (we will provide a temporary account), or we can send you the data on a new drive. Typically, successful recoveries are 99-100% recovered.

Unsuccessful data recovery

If no data was recovered, or if the recovered data is not useful, then we'll refund you the data recovery charge. Or, you can simply wait until the recovery is complete before completing a payment. The non-refundable portion of the cost is the parts cost, for example, for replacement disk heads. Whether they are needed depends on each case, and we will contact you before purchasing them.

If you are interested

Send us an email to get the process started:


How the data recovery process works

1. Complete the data recovery form

The form can be found here:

Please print the form, it is useful for identifying and contacting you when we receive your board.

2. Pack the hard drive + data recovery form

3. Mail the package to us

Our address is located on the data recovery form you completed in Step 1. The cheapest option is the local post office, or if you have a deal with a courier. If they ask for the Customs value of the dead drive, you should declare it at $10 or less. (See UPS Fees)

4. We'll contact you when we receive the drive

Once we receive your drive, we'll email you at the address indicated on the form to let you know. Depending on the condition of the drive, we will need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before we know how much data is recoverable. However we can give you an estimate on the time frame shortly after receiving the drive.

5. We'll contact you with the results of the data recovery

We'll send you some screenshots of the recoverable files, and you can decide if you want the data or not.