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Data Recovery Procedure

How the data recovery process works

1. Complete the data recovery form

The form can be found here:

Please print the form, it is useful for identifying and contacting you when we receive your board.

2. Pack the hard drive + data recovery form

3. Mail the package to us

Our address is located on the data recovery form you completed in Step 1. The cheapest option is the local post office, or if you have a deal with a courier. If they ask for the Customs value of the dead drive, you should declare it at $10 or less. (See UPS Fees)

4. We'll contact you when we receive the drive

Once we receive your drive, we'll email you at the address indicated on the form to let you know. Depending on the condition of the drive, we will need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before we know how much data is recoverable. However we can give you an estimate on the time frame shortly after receiving the drive.

5. We'll contact you with the results of the data recovery

We'll send you some screenshots of the recoverable files, and you can decide if you want the data or not.