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HyperTerminal Setup

Testing the Adapter + Software

write back test


If you are using this type of software for the first time, we recommend doing a dry run first. This means unplugging the adapter from the hard drive, and connect the adapter by itself to the USB port on your computer.


We can do a simple test to make sure the software and adapter are working properly. To do the test, simply connect a wire between the two left most holes (read and write ports) in the adapter plug (as shown in the picture). In this case a staple was used.

Using Hyper Terminal

For Windows XP and earlier, Hyper Terminal can be found at:

C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe

Hyper Terminal 1



When starting Hyper Terminal for the first time, it will ask you for the location info.


You can put some random number for the area code here, and select any country. This is not important for our purposes.


Click OK when you are done. A prompt will come up, just click OK to proceed.

connection name









You can name the connection anything you want.


Click OK when you are ready.

hyper terminal 2











Remember the port number of the usb adapter when you installed the driver? Enter it here.


Click OK when you are done.



hyper terminal settings





Change the Bits per second setting to 38400





Change Flow control to None



Click OK, the setup portion is finished, now you will have a connection ready for use.

If you want to test the adapter and software, and you've connected a wire between the read and write ports (see top of this page), simply hit random keys on the keyboard. If you see the keys displaying on the screen, then everything is working properly.

If you are hitting keys but nothing is showing up, then verify the connection between the read and write ports on the adapter is good, and the software settings are correct.