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Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB / 1500GB ST31500341AS 9JU138-300 SD1B TK 100512588 / 100530756 Hard Drive Donor PCB With Firmware Transfer

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB / 1500GB ST31500341AS 9JU138-300 SD1B TK 100512588 / 100530756 Hard Drive Donor PCB With Firmware Transfer
Item# 729278628

Product Description

This is the PCB board (circuit board) of a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Hard Drive


Item Information

The Process

Model: ST31500341AS
P/N: 9JU138-300
Firmware: SD1B (Incompatible, read more on right -->)
Site Code: TK
Capacity: 1.5TB / 1500GB
Board #: 100512588 / 100530756

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This item is NOT compatible with your hard drive right now. The reason is every single board of this model has a unique firmware, despite what it may say on the drive label.

We can make the board compatible for you, please fill this form, then ship your DAMAGED PCB (circuit board) to us. We will copy the information from your PCB onto our PCB, then ship the working cloned PCB back to you. See detailed procedures here.

If you prefer to do this yourself (transplant an 8 pin ROM chip), just let us know by emailing us or mention it in the comments during checkout.

This process is ALWAYS necessary to ensure compatibility for this model: your board contains UNIQUE information about your hard drive. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

When to buy this item:

A common problem with Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drives is that it would suddenly stop being recognized by the computer, or be recognized as 0MBs. Normally, there is a decent chance that it could be the PCB at fault, but with 7200.11 drives, it usually is NOT the PCB, but a firmware problem instead. A data recovery professional is a better choice.

We recommend buying this item when you are sure it is the PCB. For example, if there was a power surge, or some components are obviously burnt, or the wrong power adapter was used to power up the drive. If the drive will not spin up at all, and wasn't dropped, chances of success with replacing the PCB are quite good.

There are no refunds with this purchase, so if you would like to describe the specific symptoms to us, please Contact us through our online form or at, we will try our best to reply within 12 hours.

Item Includes: circuit board, firmware transfer and installation instruction sheet


What this board is supposed to do for you:
If your hard drive has stopped working, chances are you have some important data stored on it. Sometimes the hard drive failure is caused by a circuit board failure. This product is made to be an identical and functional replacement for your circuit board, therefore repairing your hard drive and saving you expensive data recovery charges. Please note that hard drive failures are NOT always caused by circuit board failure, this board is not guaranteed to fix your hard drive.

Please Note:
1. This is just the hard drive PCB board, not the whole hard drive.
2. All hard drive PCB boards have been fully tested before shipment, there is no refund policy, but we offer an exchange if the board has obviously been damaged during shipping.
3. If you bought the wrong hard drive PCB board by accident, please inform us a.s.a.p.
4. To ensure compatibility, please follow the steps listed above carefully.

Our testing procedure and FAQs:
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Shipping Policy:
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Closing Comments

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