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By Stefan from Germany - 07, 2014

today the board arrived. I immediately replaced the short circuited one with the new board and plugged all the cables in. My PC started and I could access my data. I'm very happy, that I could get my data back without spending hundreds of dollars for professional data recovery. Thank you for that.

By Philippe from France - 07, 2014

My customer just received this morning the PCB. It is the process of recovering data. Everything works perfectly. I will keep your contact information because I do computer troubleshooting. I would not fail to circulate the address of that website. Thank you again.

By Joanne from USA - 07, 2014

Thank you to the PCB Solution team for making it possible to repair my hard drive! Other businesses will charge hundreds of dollars, and may not even solve the problem. I am telling everyone I know about PCB Solution! They know what they are doing!

By Raphael from Canada - 07, 2014

I received the PCB this morning already and it's working perfectly. I'm very happy with the results and the ease by which I was able to find a compatible board. I won't hesitate to do business with you again.

By Roji from United Kingdom - 07, 2014

Thank you . I have received and works perfectly . Thank you

By Brian from USA - 07, 2014

Just a thank you and let you know that my board showed up it works like normal, booted right up, thanks again

By Terence from Germany - 07, 2014

Just a short mail to let you know that the board has arrived and this time all is good. I have managed to recover all my data onto another hard drive. Once again, a big thank you very much for your proffessional service.

By Abramo from Italy - 07, 2014

thank you very much, the problem has been resolved successfully!!! i've found some bad sectors but i have recovered all the data (100%).

Thank you very much again and at the next opportunity!!!

By Reddy from USA - 07, 2014

Instructions were simple. Ordering was easy. It worked great! They saved my data!!! Customer service is excellent.

By Cynthia from USA - 06, 2014

Just got my board. Screwed it on. Fired it up. And I am now transferrrrrrrrrring like a madwoman! Many thanks!

By Viktor from USA - 06, 2014

You guys are the DAMN BOMB!! Harddrive is working again, and got all my data recovered! Time to get a better brand of harddrive so this doesnt happen again lol !

Thanks again!

By Chris from USA - 06, 2014

Good job! Your PCB did the trick.

By Ruksana from United Kingdom - 06, 2014

Just to say a big thank you, the hard drive is working again I have been able to retrieve some priceless photos of my baby.

Thanks once again

By Brian from Ireland - 06, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I received the board on Thursday and fitted it to the drive & it worked a treat.

Thanks a lot

By Rebecca from USA - 06, 2014

I just received the board, got it all put back together and it worked like a charm! Transferring data now.

Thanks much!!

By George from Canada - 06, 2014

Got the board and the drive and it works perfectly! Thank you!!!!

By Tony from France - 06, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the fixed circuit board. It worked perfectly. Awesome Job!!!

By John from USA - 06, 2014

PCB Solutions responded to every question I had in a timely manner and processed my order promptly.

There were no scare tactics used or false information given in an attempt to upsell or get referral kickbacks, unlike another PCB company that I contacted. They provided straight forward responses, even when it meant possibly not getting the sale.

Only item I'd recommend is that if you're shipping from the United States, use another carrier other than UPS to ship to them....their customs fees and paperwork was overkill for a simplistic PCB shipment.

By Charles from USA - 06, 2014

that was money well spent to recover my hard drive,I had a lot of pictures and video of my mother who passed away in 1986 with no way to replace them,but thanks to you I have them all back and backed up on a external hard drive.I also was impressed with the emails you sent letting me know what was going on with my circuit board. once again I would like to say thanks it's not everyday you find a company that takes the time to let the customer know what going on.

By Alexander from United Kingdom - 06, 2014

The HDD PCB has arrived, I have fitted it and it works perfectly.

Many Thanks for your help in sorting it, much appreciated. Excellent Service

By Thierry from Netherlands - 06, 2014

I would like to compliment you all for the really fast work.

Have received the board back last week. Hdd came up like a swift. Really nice work.

When ever I am having another costumer, with a broken board again, i wont even try searching for a replicate, but send it straight to you.

By Eugene from USA - 06, 2014

Got my board today. I installed it and everything worked perfectly! All my data is now accessible. Thank you and your team for the professionalism and service. You guys rock.

By Fred from France - 06, 2014

I just received the PCB and i tried the repaired one ans it works perfectly. I am so happy that I can get back my data !

Thank you so much !

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